First Smitten and Written Post

Morning to all.

My name’s Lynn, I live in Bristol in the South West of England and I’m a writer. Well, I’m a florist who wants to be a writer. At the moment I spend half the week being paid to create beautiful things for other people to enjoy and the other half rattling away at my laptop, struggling to carve something decent out of the English language. The latter endeavour remains unpaid-so far.

Through this blog I’d like to babble with lovely people about stories and the joys of vanishing into another world through words.  I’m sure I’ll blather on about other things too (films, the stars, art, families, my love of tea) but stories will be my main focus.

Well, that’s me. Look forward to hearing from you.

Lynn x

2 thoughts on “First Smitten and Written Post

  1. Thank you. You know, I’ve never been to your fair city- surely it looks beautiful in the sunshine? Hang on in through those chilly winter months- spring must be just round the corner. Right?


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