Awards- huh, good God, y’all!


I’ve never enjoyed award shows. I like finding out the results- best actor, best actress, best novel- but I don’t want to hear people thanking their manicurist, their personal trainers, the woman who washes their underwear. All valuable jobs, I know, but I just don’t want to hear it for hours and hours… And anyway, awards are totally subjective, they’re not a reflection of the quality of your work, only of internal politics and the size of your PR budget. Right?

Well, maybe. But today I found I’d been nominated for a Liebster Award, an award for bloggers voted for by bloggers. Now that’s the kind of praise we all like, isn’t it? When other writers say lovely things about my stories, it’s the very best praise and makes me feel slightly taller all day. Anyway, must crack on, because there are RULES WHICH MUST BE OBEYED.

(1) Un- Put the Liebster Award logo on your blog.(Very proud of myself with this. As you might guess from my largely blank posts, I’ve struggled with inserting images, mainly cos of the copyright stuff- tres confusing.)

(2) Deux- Thank and tag the blog who nominated you.
So, my thanks go to the lovely Divya, writer of Another Teenager’s Time Capsule, who nominated me. Merci, cheri.

(3) Trois- Answer their questions and come up with 10 (dix) new ones for your nominees

(4) Quatre- Nominate 8 blogs (with less than 200 followers), let them know you’ve nominated them and link them in your post

(5) Cinq- No tag-backs.

For parts trois and quatre, see below. (My apologies for slipping into schoolgirl French today- the excitement has obviously kicked a few synapses into a spasm, shaking loose some brain-luggage I thought I’d lost.)

Here are my answers to Divya’s (tres difficile)questions.

1. What do “Little things” mean to you? Ladybirds, matchboxes, atoms, those bits of nail that hang off, but seem to catch on everything.

2. What is the real-est advice you’ve ever been given? Never eat anything bigger than your own head.

3. What is your favourite season? Le Printemps- wonderful Spring, when the cherry blossom blooms and the bees start to bumble.

4. What is your favourite vacation-spot? Don’t go on holiday, pretty much ever. Wouldn’t mind seeing Italy- Pompeii, Rome, Herculaneum. LOVE old/ dead stuff.

5. Would you rather eat at a restaurant or a fast-food joint? A restaurant- deffo. I have Coeliac disease (no wheat, barley, rye or most oats) and am vegetarian, so most fast-food places don’t cater for weirdos like me. NEVER invite me to dinner- I’m a nightmare.

6. Why did you begin blogging? I meant to start years ago because I’m trying to write and authors are expected to have ‘platforms’ and ‘brands’ these days. I really enjoy blathering on, though.

7. What is your “Happily ever after”? Huge publishing deal, film rights optioned on everything I ever write. My son to carry on being beautiful,lovely and happy. Health for me and mine. Oh, and for the people of the world to stop kicking seven shades of poo out of one another. Not too much to ask, is it?

8. Where would you like to work? In a tree house, in a massive oak tree, with light, heat, a view of the sea/ woodland and tea and coffee making facilities. And a loo.

9. Which fictional character do you relate to the most? This varies from day to day. At the moment it’s Petronella from ‘The Minaturist’. When I was a kid it was Will Stanton from ‘The Dark is Rising’ by Susan Cooper. I just wanted to be him. When I write, it’s my characters. Edie from my YA book. Neil from my supernatural mystery book. Pat from my historical crime novel. All have bits of me, bits of the ME I want to be. (Ooh, that rhymed.)

10. Do you have a favourite question yet? How would you like to write for a living? What are you doing here so early- wet the bed?

Second part of numero tre (slipped into Italian now), ten questions of my own.

(1) What was your favourite book as a child and why?
(2) If you were a Supervillain, who would you want to be and why?
(3) If you could only save one animal from a global extinction, what would it be?
(4) Where’s your happy place? Describe.
(5) E-readers or conventional books?
(6) If you could choose one piece of tech from a Bond movie, which would it be?
(7) What are the three foods that you wouldn’t want to live without?
(8) If a griffin fought a hydra, which would win?
(9) What’s the favourite post you’ve posted?
(10)What’s the best piece of conversation you’ve ever overheard? (Mine was one old lady talking to another- ‘She follows her Dad with that nose.’ Brilliant.)

My nominees are-
Making it Write
Only 100 Words
The Book of Greg
Good Woman
Writing Stories Rocks
Marco Batenburg
Homemade Naturally
Nova Scotia Roots

I’d like to thank my primary school English teacher, the man down the fish and chip shop who gives me free battered bits every Thursday…

5 thoughts on “Awards- huh, good God, y’all!

  1. Hi Lynn, Thank you so much for the award nomination! I am flattered- again. I have two Liebster awards pending, and feel a little overwhelmed. I keep meaning to start work on them, but I become distracted. I like your questions though. I think I’ll answer everyone’s questions and find 8 nominees. It would be too much to come up with 24!


  2. You are more than welcome, Jane- well deserved. I always love to read your blog and will be very intrigued by your answers to my ridiculous questions x


  3. Lynn, thank you for the nomination! I am flattered. I am still thinking about whether I want to do this award thing or not, though. It doesn’t really fit my vision for the blog (boy, does that sound pretentious or what?), so I’ve got to sit down and make up my mind. I do like your questions…


    1. A total pleasure, Sonya, and don’t feel at all pressured if you don’t want to accept the nomination. I thought twice about it myself. If you decide against it, just take it as a compliment and an encouragement to keep doing what you’re doing 🙂


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