We’re going on a Cave hunt… Writing Caves #2


You may find it hard to believe from my beautifully crafted words (Ha! Ha!) but I don’t spend all day, every day, hidden in Writing Cave #1. There are times when I must surgically detach myself from my chair, brush the biscuit crumbs from my stiffened limbs and stumble, blinking into the light.

Leaving Dominic Silverstreak behind is a wrench. I should explain that Dominic is my Vaio laptop and a more gorgeous hunk you won’t find. Okay, so occasionally he refuses to work, he’s slow, sluggish and has been known to lose stuff, but I’ve grown so used to the feel of him under my hands, I can’t imagine another taking his place… Sorry, what was I saying? Ah, yes.

The days I have to leave my beloved behind (sigh!) are usually Work days. This is something I’ve been informed we all have to do to earn money. Now, much as I’ve gone along with this idea for the last thirty-odd years, I’ve never totally understood the concept. It all seems rather unpleasant and inconvenient. Rather than having to turf out of bed- leaving Dominic cold and alone- to do something that’s frankly quite hard and tiring, wouldn’t it just be more straightforward if I stayed at home, warm, cosy, doing what I love to do, and have someone pay me anyway? Just an idea for the future, policy makers of the world.

Anyway, to get to Work I have to cross town, catching two buses in the process, because *I DON’T DRIVE. Now, I realise that to some of you saying I don’t drive is like announcing I can get along without breathing, that I don’t like **Soap Operas and never watch Strictly or X Factor – but I never have driven and possibly never will.

But all is not lost, because whilst in traffic jams (which in Bristol are many and varied), stuck at lights and trying to ignore the fact I have a stranger’s groin/ armpit/ dribbling toddler in my face, I carry the spirit of Dominic with me in the form of a notebook (And no, I don’t have names for my notebooks- that would just be weird.)

In the notebooks I scribble plots and ideas for upcoming stories, random thoughts, earwigged conversations, bizarre bus-bound happenings (perhaps the subject of a future post!) shopping lists and anything else that occurs to me.

So there you have it- Writing Cave #2: public transport.

Now, if you wouldn’t mind leaving- Dominic and I want some ‘alone time’.

*My hubby doesn’t drive either- what kind of freaks are we?
**I also do not like soaps and never watch Strictly or X Factor– that’s how much of a freak I am.


12 thoughts on “We’re going on a Cave hunt… Writing Caves #2

  1. I smiled reading this post. You don’t drive and go everywhere by bus? That’s cool.
    I was “bullied” by my family because I couldn’t ride motorcycle. And no, the motorcycle I talk about isn’t Harley Davidson or any big motor.


    1. Sorry to hear of your difficulties. Do you drive now? It’s possible here in the UK, but hard work to be carless. It means there’s a lot of places which are difficult or impractical to visit. And my son’s quite the petrol head- a response to the lack of family vehicle, do you think?


      1. I can ride motorcycle now. It’s common in my city (Surakarta, Indonesia). I sometimes miss bus ride, bicycle, and walking anyway.
        My nephew is also a petrol head and I don’t know what causes it.


  2. Great writing.
    My daughter names her things too – her water bottle is Jeremy. Her books have names too. So it would be ok to name your notebooks as well.
    As to driving, well, if Bristol has a lot of traffic jams, that is just what you needn’t do.


    1. Thanks for the lovely comments- very appreciated. How old is your daughter, Susie? I’m forty five- do yuo think I should have grown out of this yet?


  3. I MUST name my laptop! I love it.
    Glad I found you over at Blogging 101 because I’m looking forward to reading more of your writing.


    1. Thanks Julie- I’m glad you found me, because I was able to find you! Left a comment on your blog- loved it. I do love Dominic… husband’s a bit jealous, though 🙂


  4. My parents don’t drive. I was sure they were they only ones left who didn’t… I don’t watch soaps, or Strictly, or the X-Factor, though.

    I’d write on the bus but I get serious motion sickness. I can’t read, either. How annoying is that?


    1. Wow, another couple who don’t drive- I thought WE were the only ones! Glad to hear you’re a Strictly-less’freak’ like me! And motion sickness is something I sympathise with- I just think Bristol buses move too slowly 🙂


  5. Love your writing.

    It’s funny how most of the comments are about the driving. I grew up in The Motor City (Detroit, Michigan) and sold my car to move to New York City. It was scary and everyone’s reaction was much the same as it is here, “What, you are not going to have a car! How will you live?” I was in New York and did not ever think abut my car. I lived there 15 years and never missed the car and I traveled up and down the east coast.

    I have been back in Michigan three years and still can’t get used to driving my self everywhere. I have lost so much creative time. In New York when the subway or bus breaks down it may delay me a bit, but it is not problem. Here, when the car breaks down I suddenly have a huge chore and a huge extra bill. I hate driving and I hate cars! Detroit has no mass transit system. They claim to have bus service, but it is not reliable. It looks like that may be changing, but I’m not holding my breath. It is The Motor City after all.

    I have named all my Macintosh computers, Little Hal, Precious, Big Mac and Stella. I have fond memories of each almost like pets. I currently do most of my writing on Big Mac, a large screen iMac, but he is starting to show his age. Stella is my current laptop. One thing about Macs, they are around for loooonnnnnggg time.


    1. Thanks Cyn. Funny how quickly it’s become almost compulsory to drive- it’s only taken a generation, here at least. I like being able to let someone else be in control of the journey and so many drivers seem stressed by the whole experience- it has its pros and cons.
      Love the names for your Macs- they almost sound like a family, Big Mac and Stella the parents with Little Hal and Precious their rambunctious offspring. There may be a short story in that…


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