This is a happy house


When most people meet me they find I’m Friendly, Affable, Smiley, Mumsy (like a group of really tedious dwarves) but my fiction is often Dark, Scary and Violent, the kind of dwarves you don’t want to meet on the walk home from the pub.

I’m a glass-half-full person, carrying a hidden Gothic underbelly.This means I can be totally chilled and positive (Global Warming? Man, the earth will survive. Nuclear annihilation? Nothing a nice hot chocolate and group hug can’t sort) whilst simultaneously being drawn to graveyards, spiders and creaking door hinges.

I’m Mary Poppins wearing Morticia Addams’ undies beneath my frock.

So, when it comes to music, my favourites allow me to dip my toe in sorrow, go ankle deep in heartbreak, and sink up to my neck in melancholy. Sometimes, It’s good to wallow.

First up…

Last beat of my heart, by Siouxsie and the Banshees.      Forget My Way or Wind beneath my Wings, this is the only track so far I’m definitely having played at my funeral.

When I hear it, I’m twenty again, listening to this for the first time. I’m sitting on the floor of a scruffy flat, desperately in love, wrapped in the arms of that love, wishing the four minutes of this song would last for the rest of my life.

From the opening drums to the introduction of an accordion and the off-kilter lyrics, it’s not mainstream. But as a piece of music to accompany my coffin disappearing behind those crematorium curtains, I can think of none better.

Next please…

Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis by Ralph Vaughan Wiiliams.      Let me just say, I am NOT a classical music fan. Generally speaking, you put me in a room with a symphony playing and I’ll feel instantly depressed… and not in a good way.

But this music moves me. That opening sweep of strings can bring me to the verge of tears.

I don’t know if any clever boffin-types have done studies on this, but I definitely think there are notes/ key changes/ chords that have a direct connection to the emotion-triggers in our brains. They’re like magic buttons you can press to make you feel.

Vaughan Williams isn’t considered a world-class composer by many and the ‘hook’ is  from a work of 1567 by another man, Thomas Tallis, but if I want to take the hand of Melancholia and sink beneath the waves of her welcoming sea, I choose this one.

And finally…

Well, it could be Echo Beach by Martha and the Muffins, the tiny, perfect pearl that is Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want by The Smiths, Close to Me by The Cure, Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up) by Florence and the Machine…

But I’m gonna go forHappy by Pharrell Williams. I shouldn’t, I know. I like nothing else by Pharrell and he needs a good slap for teaming up with Robin Thicke and making Blurred Lines (no, no link for that one- if you want to listen to that rapey, sexist drivel you can find your own way).

But the sun’s shining and sometimes I need to take off my black lace gloves, expose my pasty white skin to the world and soak up some Vitamin D. And it’s the catchiest song ever- damn it!

Clap along…

This was written for the Writing 101 Day Three challenge. It’s late. Soz.


31 thoughts on “This is a happy house

  1. I really like this blog post, I think it well written and it is enjoyable. I agree with your comments on Blurred Lines, and I have only listened to Happy by Pharrell.

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    1. Thanks for the positive feedback, Lucy. It’s funny, writing posts, knowing whether you hit the tone or not and you never know until you read the comments! Yes, Blurred Lines (and especially the video) make me feel a bit ranty, I’m afraid 🙂

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      1. Think I will finally plant my garden today. The sun is finally out on a Saturday here in the deep South, USA

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  2. Sad to say that I only know the last song mentioned in this post but after reading what you said: “So, when it comes to music, my favourites allow me to dip my toe in sorrow, go ankle deep in heartbreak, and sink up to my neck in melancholy. Sometimes, It’s good to wallow.” I had to click on the links and listen to the songs. I wasn’t disappointed – you have great taste in music! Loved this post (except for that super creepy doll photo up the top – I scare easy) and I always really enjoy the way you write 🙂 Have a grand weekend!

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    1. Such lovely words, Inidna- thank you so much. I guess I write what chimes well in my head, but it’s such a delight to hear other people liking it too. Glad you enjoyed the music- it was a brilliant challenge for discovering tunes I’d never heard of. So great to hear the breadth of music out there 🙂


  3. This writing class is a new experience for me and I’m really impressed by some of the writing. Yours included. Anyone else think Pharrel’s “Happy” is heavily influenced by the kids’ song ,” If You Are Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands”?

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  4. “Blurred Lines”…dumbest song known to man. Yes, I think there are songs whose notes hit part of our brains. You described that well. Really nice job on this prompt! lily

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  5. I enjoyed reading your choice of songs . Yes happy is a really good song when the sun is out , having a glass of wine with good friends. Loved your choice of words too . I agree the doll is so creepy, however mesmerising at the same time.

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