Time Travel and what to do with it

silhouette-391653_1280I’m writing a novel, one of three that are at a not-a-bad-effort-but-not-quite-there-yet-stage. Two of the books are good ideas, they have ‘legs’ and I know one day I’ll return to them, jiggle them into some kind of readable format and have them published.

But there’s one, my true love, my first…

It’s YA and features Edie*, a ginger headed, arsy teenage girl as the main protagonist. She finds time travel, an old lady with a dozen miniature poodles, a two-thousand-year old psychopath who decides the best thing is just to kill her as nastily as he can… You know how these things go.

Edie’s the teenage me I wanted to be. Mouthy and self-confident when I was painfully shy and reserved, brave and headstrong when I was chicken and biddable (Okay, maybe my Mum would disagree with the biddable bit…)

Edie’s a great girl, if a bit of a handful, but she does have one talent I would **skin a badger for – she can travel through time. Well, to be precise she can travel BACK in time, and there are restrictions on where and when she can visit, but I ain’t publishing a synopsis here, so let’s just say she’s a Time Traveller.

Time travel is a popular subject in fiction, recurring and reinventing itself since Mark Twain and H.G Wells and is it any wonder? Who can seriously say there isn’t at least one period or event they’d like to visit? Roman, Elizabethan, Victorian… there’s some time, Somewhen, we’d all like to see. I’ve included these eras in Edie’s travels (or will include in sequels- yes, planning sequels before I even snare an agent!) I just need to set a whole book in World War II and I’ll have the secondary school history curriculum covered!

What would I do if I could time travel like Edie?

Well, I reckon my research would be a lot more through. I can imagine what a Tudor privy smelt like, how it felt to wear armour in the Roman arena, but if I could go back in time… Of course, I’d need to live long enough to return to the present and with my running/fighting/thinking on my feet that could be a big ask.

Would I go back in time and tell myself to start writing earlier, go back to the teenage me and tell her I needed to stick at my studies or I’d spend the next decades in low paid retail work?

I dunno. I reckon living in grotty bedsits and lodging houses with fungus growing out of the walls, living with arsonists, bipolar sufferers, drug addicts and folk in witness protection has all added to my knowledge of people and filtered into my writing.

Maybe I’m better for being a late starter.

N.B One thing I won’t be doing if I time travel is killing my own Grandad. And why is it always Grandfathers and not Grandmothers (we’ve all known some awful old ladies, let’s be honest) and why do scientists think the first thing we’ll do if we discover time travel is go back and murder a family member?

Scientists are weirdos.

*And for those interested in reading my Edie novel… You’ll have to wait a little longer. An agent submission package is about ready to send out. If only I could see into the future and discover who’s more likely to pick it up, I could save myself a lot of hassle!

**No badgers were skinned in the writing of this post.

Writing 101 Day Nineteen. Today is a free writing day. Write at least four-hundred words, and once you start typing, don’t stop. No self-editing, no trash-talking, and no second guessing: just go. Bonus points if you tackle an idea you’ve been playing with but think is too silly to post about.


13 thoughts on “Time Travel and what to do with it

  1. Fingers crossed on being picked up by an agent. It sounds like a story I’d read.

    ‘living with arsonists, bipolar sufferers, drug addicts and folk in witness protection’ – crickey, I’m sure it was awful at the time, but you must have observed a ton of interesting stuff. I always say any scrappy situation you survive will come in useful for a writer…

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    1. Quite right. We’ve actually lived next to two different bipolar people and the drug addict had a side line I couldn’t possibly describe on a relatively clean blog. And to be fair, we didn’t know the witness protection man was what he was until after he moved out, though we did wonder why he never answered the door to callers 🙂

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  2. I love where you are on your writing journey… I’m not quite there yet, and your optimism is refreshing. Funny you talk about time travel to the past. I love history, but the idea I’m working on (well, the idea that came to me while I walked the dog last night…) is about time travel to the future.

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    1. I love time travel, but being a history nut, I’m wedded to the past. I just want to experience the lives of people hundreds of years ago and I’ve come closest through research and falling into my own imagination! Do you have a firm story idea or just a snapshot?


    1. Thanks Alex. Yeah, never thought what happened to Edie’s grandparent (except one, who’s recently died and gets the briefest mention). I have a way to go to find and agent (yet more rewriting!) but you never know, stranger things have happened 🙂


      1. That’s a good comment. But self depreciating. So I’m taking it back. I can write a whole post regarding that, and you’d know it’s dedicated to people who think like you, if you read it.

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      2. I think it’s good to be self-deprecating before someone else puts the boot in 🙂 Seriously, thanks for reading and commenting so thoughtfully


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