Preview Tuesday*


Hmm. Preview Tuesday, I hear you mutter through the blogi-sphere. Not really a ‘thing’ is it?

Well, you’re right, it’s not. If you’re gonna preview the week it should be at the start, before it really gets into gear, not one day in, when we’re just stumbling into our stride, haven’t hit the doldrums of midweek and have yet to even glimpse the dizzying peak that is Friday PM – or as I like to call it ‘knock off early and nip down the pub for twelve tequila slammers before staggering home via the kebab shop’ afternoon.

But, you see, I’m a bit over-excited because I actually have the week’s posts planned and I had to share. 

In chronological order they are,

Wednesday Word Tangle, my weekly jaunt through the world of words, where I drag you, my loyal readers (or should that be ‘reader’?) through the knotty world of language. This week, I foresee great things…

On Friday we shall plunge, knee-deep into a frozen, flaky foray into flash fiction. (It may not be seasonal to write a snow-based story in June, but considering the apocalyptic weather we’ve all been experiencing, it feels appropriate.)

And on Saturday, join me if you dare, for more flash and yet more chills. The fall of snow, a hint of the afterlife… What else you gonna do as you slip, half-comatose into the day’s first bucket of Java and look on, helpless, as the kids take the dog apart like he’s a VW Beetle in need of a service? It’s what weekends are for.

Of course, next Monday will bring another Book in the Blood, and just for a change, it’s a fantastical one.

But I get ahead of myself.

Take care and keep safe. Until tomorrow.

*Will Preview Tuesday be a regular post, I hear you cry? That was you, right, or am I hearing voices again?

Well, I think I’m just too mysterious and mercurial to predict that one. (And too disorganised – if I haven’t planned the posts, I can’t very well tell you about them.)

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