Micro Bookends: In the billow of the storm


Soap flakes flutter against my face.

My brain tumbles. Do I mean soap flakes or snowflakes? Whichever – one flake melts. A prism caught in my lashes, the droplet cuts daylight into rainbow ribbons.

I lie in the billow of the storm. Wonder how my wintry body came to be here, broken on stony steps.

I’m sure I should get up, get warm. But I stay snug in the cold as flakes melt to music, prickling ice rippling into liquid melody.

My heart slows to a backbeat. The refrain sweeps skyward, carrying my end song past clouds to the heavens.

And there it flies – my own blizzard opera.

Welcome once more. Everone have a good day? Feeling chilled? Managed to put the dog back together again? You clever thing. They’re more complicated than they look, aren’t they? All those slithery tubes and yellow lumpy things that don’t seem to fit anywhere.

Anyway, thank you for coming back for a second helping of last week’s Micro Bookends challenge.

And some grand news with this one – parp-parp-parp-parp-parp-parp-parp-paaaaaarp! (That was a trumpet blast, by the way) I won Third Place! Very chuffed as it was only the second time I’d entered and some grand writers submitted to the comp.

Anyhoo, hope you enjoyed this second helping of frostiness.

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