From flash to trash: The Car Wreck


‘Double trouble’, they called us. If I was ‘Double’ on account of my size, then Lexie was definitely ‘Trouble’.

She’d always led, sashaying past the bar, eyes like headlights on full beam, lashes batting like hummingbird wings. Her backside swayed – a hypnotic pendulum in zebra print leggings.

We never paid for a drink – ever.

Today she wore those same leggings, the same spike heels. But now the tarantula lashes look too heavy for her lids. The headlight eyes have clicked off.

I didn’t say ‘Hi’. She didn’t look up from rolling her cigarette.

I fled that car wreck life. I worry nothing will save Lexie from a tragic Last Act.

Hello my lovelies. This was my lastest Micro Bookends entry (Double/ Act – photo of a scrap yard) and this was the result. A salutary tale on continuing the follies of youth way into adulthood – you know who you are! Pleased to say, I was given an honourary mention – nice one.

8 thoughts on “From flash to trash: The Car Wreck

    1. Thanks pet! Yes, it was a mixture of my best friend when I was a teen (always up front, always cheekily asking strangers for drinks!) and someone I know now, who’s lovely but who could be heading for the Car Wreck if she carries on as she’s going. Quite like Lexie. Thought I might write more about her. All the best X

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  1. I love this! So many people will identify with it on some level. The fashion was different when I did this, and I looked innocent with a twist. I always got a lift home, (it was before the days of breathalysers) and sometimes it got pretty hairy in one way or another.
    My friend and I both moved on. She was dispised, partly because of her background and partly because of her behaviour, but she’s since become a respected pillar of the community – whatever that means – and I have become whatever it is that I am.

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    1. I think I was always a bit too retiring to be a Lexie, though I’ve always been drawn to female friends who have more confidence – I rode on their wake as it were. Makes me a bit of a confidence leech, but there you go 🙂

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  2. Sadly I think we all know someone like this. I’m more than in touch with my inner child, the clothes from my teens were sent to Goodwill or the dumb long ago.

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