Like a parasite boring into your skull: Wednesday Word Tangle


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The rain is sheeting down – truly, if I stepped outside right now, it would be like walking into a curtain of water.

Pants-wet through in moments.

It’s putting me off my writing stride, all this plink-plonk, black skies, hardly able to see my own hands over the keyboard weather. Or so I tell myself.

Really, it’s just another excuse to keep me from doing some proper work.

You see, I’m waiting on decisions on a couple of projects – a serial competition for a magazine, and most brown-trouserish of all, the word back from a publisher about a novel I submitted.

This waiting – though expected, though normal – is like having a parasite bore into the back of your skull and scratch at your brain with its mandibles day after day. It’s sending me slightly daffy.

I keep checking my inbox – though not my phone, no one rings you these days – and rechecking and refreshing. I scan forums like some manic treasure hunter wearing their fingures to stumps, searching for a glimmer of gold in the dust.

What I should do, what I’d tell anyone else to do if I was pontificating on the writerly process, is get stuck into a new project, launch myself into new writing that will hold my attention.

But the internet calls me back like a virtual bouyancy aid, making it impossible to drown in my own words, instead making me swallow huge gulps of other peoples’.

The Latin origins of


today’s Wednesday Word Tangle – is DISTRACTIO which is surely the spell Ron Weasley cast on Hermione, to stop her realising Harry was the better bet.

Anyway, it’s cast its spell on me. The only answer is to turn of the internet, so …


Thanks go to the lovely Kat for kicking off W4W. May she live long and prosper 🙂







17 thoughts on “Like a parasite boring into your skull: Wednesday Word Tangle

    1. Ooooh, maybe a little … It’s going to be a good thing for the blog and my writing, I think – I just need to find a balance that makes it work well for me. Not sure I’m in danger of becoming addicted – yet 🙂

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      1. I suspect I might be pants at it . I am also rubbish at Facebook, as I have no desire to share pics of my kids or my last holiday with the world – something other people seem to be really happy to do

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  1. No, he wasn’t! Ron and Hermione were made for each other!! I’ll stop it right here or there will be more exclamation marks!!!

    (btw, it’s raining in sheets SIDEWAYS in Swansea…)

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    1. Haha! Lovely Welsh weather, eh? Personally, I never really took to Ms Grainger – bit too prissy and up herself for me. I prefer Ginny Weasley. And J.K herself has been quoted in an interview saying she wished she matched Harry with Hermione … I actually like the fact she didn’t contrive the obvious romantic pairings. Go against the norm, that’s what I say.

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      1. I know she said that, but she’s wrong… The Weasleys are Harry’s ersatz family, it’s only right he’s married into it. And yes, it wasn’t the usual cliché of the leading man falling in love with the main female character – another bonus.

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      2. Yes. I wonder if he fell in love with the family as much as Ginny – I think it can happen. I hate those ‘love at first sight’, gorgeous young lovely heroine tropes- it suggests only the young and convetionally attractive can find love. A deplorable idea. I intentionally made my lead YA girl gangly, a bit mannish – not ‘pretty’ at all really. And she has a grand old time – well, kind of


  2. I remember reading a Colin Wilson novel The Mind Parasites (1967), a creepy sub-Lovecraftian piece about things floating just outside the vision of your mind’s eye, sucking the life out of your intellect. I suppose when I read it in the early 1970s I hadn’t realised it was a premonition of the age of the internet…

    Yes, wet weather can be so depressing. At least I’m getting on with my Creative Writing class assignment on Dreams. Oh no I’m not.

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    1. Ooh, that story sounds interesting. Yes, the internet feels a bit like that sometimes. But then other times, it’s just so wonderful – such a brilliant, empowering resource.
      Is your class OU or a locally run one? Being an OU alumni (for both my BA and my creative writing course) I’m absolutely biased and love the institution to death. Evey time I watch a documentary on TV and find it was an OU production I feel strangely proud. Ridiculous, really.

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      1. My course is accredited by Aberystwyth University but is run locally by a peripatetic tutor, with class numbers varying between8 and 12. It’s only around the corner so very convenient! This term it’s a core module entitled Text and Theory; sadly there’s only two more sessions. Mind you, always have OU in the back of my mind for further qualifications, just lack the incentive …

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      2. Sounds interesting. Are you enjoying it? Getting much out of it? I love my time with the OU – sadly, their fees are a lot higher than they used to be (if still cheaper than a standard university). I met my writing group pals a few years ago through one of their courses and some of us still in contact now.


  3. After reading all the other comments I’ve completely forgotten what I wanted to say. Now my mind’s stuck on twitter. I just don’t get it, but I want to because as you said, it could be useful. I have an account but I never use it. I hate Facebook so much that I wish I hadn’t bothered – I have a page, but I ignore it.

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    1. Tweating is tricky – not really my thing, I think, though there are a ton of writerly threads you can follow which are fun and connect you to people. There’s a Six WOrd Story which has been really nice actually – amazing what folks can do with so few words! Bits and pieces like that are good, and actually feel very positive – not the usual trolling experience you associate with Twitter. Early days yet for me – we’ll see. If you decide to use it again, let me know – I’ll be your newest follower 🙂

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