Wednesday Word Tangle: Cupid, Psyche and sex the Greek way


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I was desperately thinking of a subject for today’s Wednesday Word Tangle, which is absolutely ridiculous when you think that according to my own in depth research there are estimated to be a bit over one million words in the English language, which means if I continue posting a WWT every week it will take me 19230.7692308 years before I’ve used every one.

Fortunately for me, I didn’t have to resort to letting the dictionary open where it may – which is a good thing, because I could’ve ended up with zygote or flange – because a WordPress pal came to the rescue.

calmgrove was giving me insights into how the male teenage mind works – a bit of a preoccupation for me, as I live with a proto-teen and am constantly trying to work out what’s going on in his noggin – when the conversation threw up the word


I used it in the context of the human mind, but then remembered there’s a proper noun Psyche too. So settle back and listen, as we fall back through the smogs of time (yes, it used to be mists, but pollution being how it is …)

There was once a girl called Psyche. So beautiful was she – you know, perfume advert gorgeous – that men would rather lust after her than worship the goddess Venus. Of course, Venus being the mildly unhinged, narcissistic ego-maniac she was, decided to punish Psyche by marrying her off to a monster. (How often history has repeated itself since – lovely young girl, married to warty old monster. Cue pretty much any middle-aged rock star living today …)

Of course, Venus chose the wrong man for the job – Cupid. Now, banish all thoughts of chubby babies with wings – Cupid was no infant. Think built, think hunky, think Jamie Dornan with wings. This boy’s all libido,  so, when he sees the lovely girl, he doesn’t want her to marry a monster – he wants her for himself.

There follows some shenanigans in a palace, with the west wind and oracles and jealous sisters.

Then, when Venus finds out Psyche is married to Cupid (which of course she does because she’s a goddess and goddesses are clever like that) she’s still angry with Psyche, though quite honestly, for the goddess of LURV, Venus ALWAYS seems peed off, jealous, vengeful … Actually, those Greeks really knew what they were talking about, didn’t they?

Anyhow, Venus sets Psyche some tasks, which, because she’s smart as well as beautiful, she passes with flying colours (and with supernatural help). Finally, Cupid twigs what’s happening, beseeches Jupiter to put an end to all the nonsense and here’s the shocker …

Cupid and Psyche live happily ever after.

No being sexually assaulted by bulls, no being turned into a daffodil because you’re so vain, no having your liver pecked out by eagles or continually pushing rocks up a mountain for eternity. 

Psyche’s promoted to goddess, moves into Cupid’s batchelor pad in Heaven and that’s it.

And who said there was no such thing as a fairy tale ending?


With many thanks to calmgrove for the inspiration.

And to Kat for kicking off W4W in the first place. And yes, the Jamie Dornan mention was for you!







26 thoughts on “Wednesday Word Tangle: Cupid, Psyche and sex the Greek way

  1. I giggled so hard when I read the JD reference! Loved it!
    Mind you I started giggling at flange… but that’s just me!
    I really enjoyed this Lynn… I feel I always come away from one of your posts with new knowledge. I am so glad you join in every week!
    k x

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    1. Thank you, hon! Yes, flange is such a great word – not sure why it sounds so very rude 🙂 Glad you enjoyed ref to Jamie – your own Greek god 🙂
      On a side note, could you tell me how I RT you? Your spiralling arrows seem inactive on your tweets – probably me misssing something. I am a Twitter div 🙂

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      1. Does it mean that? Ooh, I was much more risque than I meant to be, then 🙂 It always made me laugh when my dear late father in law (an amateur mechanic/handy man) talked about ‘male’ and ‘female’ parts in engines – legitimate terminology, apparently. You can imagine why – some poke out and some have a nice hole for the poky out bit to fit in 🙂
        Ah, that explains the RT then. Felt sad I couldn’t reciprocate your kindness, but absolutely understand – why do people feel they can be so foul, just because the comments are on the net. Twats 🙂

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      2. I have a friend called Ange and it does make me giggle sometimes… I’m basically a 13 year old boy underneath…
        There will always be haters and the like… we must let them wash off us like water… (that’s me attempting zen)

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  2. ‘Psyche’ is a great word, isn’t it, giving rise to words like psychologist, psychiatrist and, er, psychopath. Must explore more fully sometime … (And thanks for the pingback!)The Cupid and Psyche legend is a 2000-year-old Beauty and the Beast tale — I liked the version in ‘The Golden Ass’ (good readable translation in Penguin translated by Robert Graves, if you’re interested)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I saw Apuleius attributed for the story in my research. You’re right – it really is a fairytale. Psyche’s the Princess, Cupid Prince Charming, Venus the Wicked Stepmother with magical beasities and other supernatural occurences too. Must be a direct link, surely? The only Robert Graves I’ve read is I, Claudius – jolly good fun though no more so than his myths, I’m sure. The pingback was a total pleasure, BTW. 🙂


  3. I only recently heard the secret lady-bits being referred to as a flange. For years I’ve wondered why people giggled at the mention of a flange.
    That aside – great post, but could you answer this did Cupid have the same silly smile as the bloke who looks like him? If so, I don’t get it…

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    1. Yes, I think I was a bit naive, mentioning the word – thought it sounded funny, but didn’t realise it was a recognised colloquialism for genitalia 🙂 Cupid’s often depicted as a grown man, handsome in a classical way – I just used Jamie Dornan to illustrate the fact Cupid was an attractive young man. 🙂

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      1. Haha! Me neither! And the ones I do (such as the Brit actor John Simm) most people wouldn’t know and wouldn’t find good looking. Jamie Dornan is widely found to be attractive – apparently. and to be honest, Jane I agree with you. He does very little for me 🙂

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      2. As a child I was in love with Cary Grant, later followed by Steve Mcqueen and Robert Redford. When I watched Butch Cassidy et al Paul Newman didn’t appeal to me because Robert Redford light shone so bright, but at othet times He did appeal to me.
        I was in my twenties when I read the book title ‘All Passions spent.’ Even then I longed for that to happen, and when it finally did I breathed a sigh of relief.Now I go all fluffy when Dustin Hoffman (aged about 150) does that smile of his, but a lot of female actors have the same effect on me. I’m all out of hormones, and glad of it.

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      3. Ah, Cary Grant was lovely, wasn’t he? Bristol boy, apparently. I loved a young James Stewart – a mix of goofyness and integrity 🙂 My mother loved Omar Sharif, Yul Bryner, Harry Belafonte … Funny – both her husbands were very English working class. Maybe that’s why she fantasised over the foreign chaps 🙂

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      4. I’d forgotten about James Stewart. I particularly loved him in The Man Who Shot iberty Valance. Oh yes, Omar Sharif – maybe a bit too obviously Phwooor-ish for me, but not bad. Then there’s Richard Widmark, who always played the part of a wartime pilot, with a white scarf. I liked him. He was good at back breaking passionate clinches. I should have felt sorry for the women, but instead I envied them.
        This conversation is becoming embarrassingly adolescent…

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      5. Haha! Nothing wrong with a tiny bit of adolescence revisited 🙂 I must say, there aren’t that many men I actually find attractive. I think that part of me left long ago

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