Just because I wanted to share something beautiful

Okay, this is totally unrelated to books.

It has nothing to do with words, or writing or publishing or fiction. Not really.

But, if you can find anything more lyrical this side of Sunday, I’d like to hear it.

It’s only short, so you won’t have to step away from your online ordering or personal topiary or toe nail carving, or whatever it is you’re up to for long.

I just wanted to share it because I think it’s beautiful and it makes me feel good and nostalgic for something, though I don’t know what that something is and I just wanted to share that feeling.

It’s from a wonderful BBC comedy series called Detectorists and if you can see it, you should, because that will also make you feel just a little bit more wonderful than you did before too.



6 thoughts on “Just because I wanted to share something beautiful

  1. Hi Lynn- I’ve been moved to comment today!! Detectorists (1&2) is the best thing that has been on TV for ….ever. I love the characters, the pace of it, the cinematography, the soundtrack, everything. I wonder where they will go with it from here, or whether they will leave it on a high note.

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    1. Hello! A fellow Detectorists fan – fantastic. Yes, definitely the best thing to arrive on TV for years – the genius of the two main characters, the chemistry between them was magic. Though one of our favourite people in it was the older chap from the metal detecting group with the big glasses – some of his expressions were priceless. Especially when they were searching for the Mayor’s chain 🙂 Mackenzie Crook is a mighty talented man.
      You’ll be pleased to hear, there’s to be a Christmas special and a third series – I could happily watch it forever 🙂


    1. Lovely isn’t it. And he’s so young! (Says the old lady who’s starting to see pretty much everyone as young.) It’s from a slow, ‘English’ comedy which is really just about friendship – worth a look if you ever get the chance


  2. One of the best things on TV recently, gentle humour and some really warm characterisation, all with its heart in the right place. Good ethics too, given the bad name nighthawks have given to metal detecting. Johnny Flynn’s folksy theme tune sets it up so well and I confess I had a tear in my eye at the end of this second series. Outstanding yet understated performances from both leads and cast. Wonderful.

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    1. So nice to find a fellow Detectorists fan! I mention the programme at work and get nothing but blank looks. Yes, we couldn’t quite believe Lance was able to do his ‘gold dance’ at the end – just fantastic. The build up was done so well, with us knowing it was there since the first episode. Looks like the Alfred Jewel, doesn’t it? The two leads work so well together. I’ve rarely watched a programme which is so fantastic in every way. Apparently, there’s going to be a third series and a Christmas special, so we’re not done with the lads yet. And Johnny Flynn’s voice is lovely 🙂

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