How to massacre your Fear of Failure


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Another day, another Monster post.

Don’t fret, though. We’ve left Krampus, that stalker of naughty children behind, thank goodness. That guy’s creepy. I’m surprised German kids sleep at all as December looms – though I guess having a demon who drags young people to Hell for misbehaving saves on the paperwork produced issuing  ASBOs*.

No, Krampus is long gone, but the

Many-Headed-Hydra-of -Writing-Obstacles has raised another noggin.

Last time, we dealt with Lack-of-Self-Belief (or Lacky to his closest enemies).

Now, up on the Mslexia blog, I’ll show you how to conquer his sibling,


Sharpen your finest weapon, pack your biggest shield and don your thickest mail undies because this one’s a nasty piece of work and it’ll take all your fighting skills to cut him down.


*For those of you not living in the UK, an ASBO is an Anti-Social Behavour Order – a form of legal restriction issued by police to people deemed to continually behave in an anti-social manner. You know the kind of thing – being verbally or physically abusive, spraying grafitti, wearing a tasteless leisure suit in a built-up area …

8 thoughts on “How to massacre your Fear of Failure

  1. This is my Life Lesson, for what it’s worth — and funny to see it in my youngest child, when I’m trying to home school her and she seizes up when she gets something wrong, kind of spoils the day for her and closes her off, because she FAILED. I like your approach to this and wish it were so easy, but it’s personal of course. Cheers Lynn, – Bill

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    1. Yes, well, just because I can dole out the advice, doesn’t mean I can act on it myself … Recently had a rejection from a magazine and was devastated when it was rejected – but after a day or so, I was back on the horse writing again.
      My son’s the same as your daughter. Lost count of how many times I’ve tried to explain to him he’s not expected to know everything about everything – if he did he wouldn’t be sent to school everyday. Still, he takes ‘failure’ very much to heart. He came home disappointed in himself the other week because he ‘only’ scored 8/10 on a spelling test. It’s kind of good he’s competitive with himself and not a total slacker, but I just wish he could get it into his head that life is not about doing everything right, but about making mistakes and how you deal with them.

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  2. By “monster post” I thought you meant really, really long. Imagine my relief.

    What, exactly, do you mean by ‘be a woman?’ How does one accomplish that?

    This advice would’ve come in handy about 15 years ago. Belated thanks. It reminds me of this great poem by Charles Bukowski:

    oh yes

    there are worse things than
    being alone
    but it often takes decades
    to realize this
    and most often
    when you do
    it’s too late
    and there’s nothing worse
    too late.

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    1. Thanks for reading! The only reason I said ‘be a woman’ is because Mslexia is a magazine aimed at women writers and saying ‘man up’ or ‘be a man’ seemed inappropriate – it was said for comic effect only 🙂
      And great advice from Bukowski, there – there are worse things than being alone. And there are worse things than failure – just as long as you can have some successes mixed in! 🙂


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