Love Nudge Competition. Monday: Attraction


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Good morning lovely people and welcome to the first day of the Love Nudge competition.

Each day up until and including Valentine’s Day, I’ll be posting a story prompt – a Love Nudge – to inspire you to write.

Today’s Love Nudge word is


So why not pop something in the comments box: poetry, prose, elegy, blurb for a cereal packet. Do as you feel.

Judging will start the week commencing 15/2/16 and I’ll announce the winner sometime after.

Take a look here for the full rules and happy writing.


Much love to all who have already shared and taken part in this prompt – you’re all wonderful people.



42 thoughts on “Love Nudge Competition. Monday: Attraction

  1. Attraction –
    She was drawn to him, like a moth to a flame. Even though she knew the heat of his passions could destroy her completely, still she couldn’t resist.

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    1. Oh, I do like this – she’s tried to resist, to dim the passion, but she can’t draw away completely. It certainly tells you you’re alive, doesn’t it? Really lovely.


    1. It would help if I could read instructions, wouldn’t it? I went over by four sentences and a haiku… So just take me out of the running – I’m not participating because of the competition, anyway. I just love the idea of writing about a doomed relationship for Valentine’s Day 😀

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      1. The restrictions are only there so I don’t have a dozen novellas to read – a few sentences over is not a problem! Love the story – attraction that’s not necessarily going to anyone any good!


    2. The link here didn’t work for me, but I popped along and read it on your blog. Never heard of a haibun before. A real world of pain is opening up for our character here – what is she thinking? But attraction like that’s so hard to resist. A great story


      1. I think it’s just you and me – I can access other blogs through comments, but not yours. Though no problem accessing through ‘followed sites’ on the reader. Odd.

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      2. Don’t know – I know old Imogen’s a fiesty piece, though. I believe the bridge was rocking rather nastily as husband crossed the Severn today – batten down those hatches!

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      3. She’s on her way out over here now, I think. At least that’s what I’m telling myself as I have to nip out to Sainsbury’s… Can imagine the bridge being a bit scary today, though.

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      1. Just the thought of me being a porn star is hilarious – I’m way too lazy to do all of the hair removal involved, let alone anything else … 🙂

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      2. I don’t want fill anyone’s market – niche or not! And it’s have to be very niche – harry, middle-aged, sagging, with a penchant for thick socks and big slippers. If I Google that, I wonder what I’d find 🙂


  2. He took notes but couldn’t take his eyes off her. He spent more time looking at her than their instructor. He could tell when she was listening, when she was distracted, and when she was unaware of him, which was always.

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    1. Lateness is not an issue, Jonathan – a pleasure to read your work. You have made me wonder whether I should do an alphabet weekly prompt. Start with A for Aardvark and see how many contributions I get for that comp!

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