Love Nudge Competition. Friday: Regret


Image: Pixabay


Day Five of the Love Nudge Competition, and things are going slowly downhill in what was once our little love idyll. 

Maybe the kids shouldn’t have come along so soon. Maybe he should have kept his drinkiing pals. Maybe she shouldn’t work so late, so hard, with a co-worker with such great cheekbones and cornflower blue eyes …

Today’s Love Nudge word is


Poetry, prose, elegy, book jacket blurb, whatever you fancy- pop it in the comments box.

Take a look here for the rules and happy writing.


With apologies, from now until some time late on Sunday, I’ll be up to my eyes in roses, cellophane and shifty looking men. No, I won’t be spending a few days of illicit passion in my own love dungeon – I’ll be working in a flower shop. The rest of my competition posts are already scheduled, but please don’t be offended if I don’t comment now until next week. I will be reading every single entry, so do keep them coming.

15 thoughts on “Love Nudge Competition. Friday: Regret

  1. Regret ~

    He paced the room like a lion. “I was just an experiment, wasn’t I?” said the young man. “Wasn’t I?! Don’t lie to me!”

    The instructor hung his head, put his hands in his pockets. Said nothing.

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