Love Nudge Competition. Saturday: Ennui


Image: Pixabay


Day Six of the Love Nudge Competition and what a sorry sight our lovers are. If, indeed, they are lovers anymore.

He picks his toenails in front of the news. She can’t even be bothered to tell him off about it anymore. She stopped talking three years ago, but he didn’t notice because he hasn’t listened for four.

Today’s Love Nudge word is


If you can be bothered, compose something – poetry, prose, ekphrasis describing the state of this couple’s living room, whatever you fancy – and if you can muster the energy, pop it in the comments box.

Take a look here for the rules and happy writing.

28 thoughts on “Love Nudge Competition. Saturday: Ennui

    1. Ha! Yes – this sums up some relationships brilliantly. A shrug sums up some relationships! This is those couples you see in pub restaurants, eating a full meal without exchanging a word – weird!

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  1. Ennui ~

    He stared at his instructor, seething. After a few moments, he said simply, “Why?”

    From outside came gasps, startled cries. Someone shouted ‘that window.’

    The instructor shrugged his shirtless shoulders, shook his head. “Ennui?”

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    1. A great addition Sonya – I’ve loved these haibuns so much. I love your heroine too – I’m glad she’s surviving, if scarred with a hint of regret. We live and learn, eh?
      Valentines is over – hoorah! And my dear lovely husband was too smart to spend £60 on a dozen roses, buying me a little chocolate and some books instead – he knows me so well! How was your Valentine’s?

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      1. Your husband does indeed sound lovely :). We don’t do Valentine’s, actually. I always thought it’s daft and I refuse to join in with the marketing frenzy. It meant I once laughed in the face of a an ex who bought me chocolates (good, expensive ones!) for Valentine’s – I don’t think he expected that 😀

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      2. Yes, it is totally ridiculous. When I see all the sad, shuffling chaps in the shop, queueing to hand over a lot of cash to save themselves from a bollocking – that’s when I know how stupid the whole thing is. But I confess, it was nice to come home after a few hard, long days and find some lovely new books and a very nice meal waiting for me – the man’s a treasure. Only Mother’s Day to go in 3 weeks time, then the Annual Florist’s Triumvirate of Torture will be over -until next Christmas!
        BTW, I love the way you laughed at your ex’s gift – I hope you took the chocolates and ran?

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      3. Ha! Bless him. Probably left him very confused about what women want – the answer being, of course, a million different things for a million different women! When I proposed to my other half he laughed in my face – it took a few minutes to persuade him I wasn’t joking!

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      4. Well, it has to be said that your husband has a good reason for treating you to a meal and choccies, given that you just had an awful day. Which is a much better reason for doing it than, ‘oh, it’s 14 Feb…’

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      5. Well, he’s seen what long hours florists pull when we have to – in early to prep for the day, a full nine hours serving in the shop, then staying late to ensure all the bouquets are made up for sale and delivery for the next day. Good job these periods only happen a few times a year.

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