Love Nudge Competition final day. Sunday: Loathing


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Well, this is it – we face the final Love Curtain, err Love Nudge.

Our couple have gone from love’s young dream to hatred on a supernatural level. He’s working out who’s going to have custody of the Fridgemaster and the La – Z – Boys. She’s wondering how she can make her walking out look like his fault.

Today’s Love Nudge word is


So, for the final time, pop your poetry, prose, elegy, epitaphs and obituaries in the comments box.

Take one last look here for the rules and happy writing.


A huge thank you to all who have taken part in the competition. It’s been a joy to read your work and meet some amazing writers.

Now I need to ask your patience whilst I pick a winner.

As this post goes out, I’ll still be welded to a bench in a florist shop, wishing I could see anything other than red roses and self-conscious men. I’ll start reading tomorrow and announce the winner asap.

Thanks again and – if at all possible – do enjoy your Valentine’s Day.

30 thoughts on “Love Nudge Competition final day. Sunday: Loathing

    1. Hahaha! You old romantic. Love it. So true for so many, though I think more often thought than spoken! I do wonder how many people bother to stay in a loveless relationship now – more people break up than stay together, it seems. Hope you and your OH and your pups had a great day together 🙂


      1. Yeah, I think people are more likely not to settle now, unless finances are an issue of course. We had a quiet day, I don’t buy into the Valentine’s thing. We prefer to give random cards or gifts for no reason… Romantic pair that we are!
        Did you survive the pollen?

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      2. That’s much more romantic than being forced into it by an obscure saint! Yes, survived, though still have bags under my eyes 🙂 Now bracing myself for the joys of Mothers’ Day – only 3 weeks away and the busiest day of the year by far! Oh, hurray 😦

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      3. We’re not big on weddings and funerals really. It’s a really nice shop in a well off part of town, but we are in a shopping centre – with a big Sainsburys opposite – so have a ton of passing trade.

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      4. Yeah, a bit, but because the people round there are middle class, with spare cash and like to think of themselves as supporting small business, we get a lot of custom. My boss likes to keep her prices low to, so that helps.

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      1. Thank you. Yes, there were some fantastic entries and tough to compare poetry and prose and all the different, equally valid styles. Loved doing it, though.

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  1. Loathing ~ The bell rang, and the instructor said something about the exam on Wednesday, a reminder. The young man read what he’d written and decided it sucked. He watched the beautiful girl collect her notes, her book, zip her backpack. This is how I say goodbye, he thought. Because I can’t even say hi. He let her leave him again, and hated himself all the more for it. He crumpled up his writing, tossed it towards the trash can, and missed. He shook his head, and kind of wished he could just lay down and be done.

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    1. Relieved it was all just a tale in the end – our young man playing out scenarios in his head. He’s got quite a dark side – a lump of self loathing heavy enough to drag him down. Very strong, Walt – a great series of stories.


    1. Haha! No, I think I was relieved. I like a bit of dark – as you know – but was glad the murder / lust / innapropriate seduction / throwing girls out of the window bit was only a fantasy. Poor boy does need some healthy distraction, though. Maybe he should take up sports 🙂

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