Reasons to love a frozen day in Bristol


Image: Pixabay

A dusting of frost whitens the roof tiles: the wheelie bin’s iced shut again. Vapour trails slice the haze. I imagine excited passengers in flight to warm seas and warmer blue skies than mine.

I wear fingerless gloves as I type, slippered feet resting on a hot water bottle, body wreathed in layers: vest, blankets, jumpers – a scarf.

But the sun shines brilliant and golden on the old gas fire, brightening photographs of my  smiling son and a Valentine’s Day card. Along with the blankets I’m wreathed in valuables – that card, those photos.

I don’t envy those holiday makers and their week on a beach.

I’d rather be here than anywhere.




9 thoughts on “Reasons to love a frozen day in Bristol

    1. It certainly has its lovely aspects. Days like today, down by the harbour, watching the gulls fall out with the pigeons, the ferries bobbing on the water – lovely:) I have a soft spot for Manchester City’s ground – the hospital my son was born in overlooks the stadium. I could see it from my bed!

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    1. It was by all accounts amazing. Of course, I missed the whole lot, being in a shop the other side of town, but you gotta love 6 Music and Bristol’s pretty good at throwing a party – street party capital of the UK, I’m told. 🙂


  1. You paint a nice scene, there, Lynn! I’m happy you’re happy. Here in Texas today, it’s a bright and sunny 70 degrees F (21 C, I think, according to the Google converter). After five years in Ohio, where on a day like today it’s more likely to be 0 C or (much) lower, I’m pleased as punch to be here. 🙂

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    1. Sounds like a perfect temperature to me! Does it get awfully hot there too, though? I’m perfectly content at a temperature of around 17 / 18C – ‘cardigan weather’ my mum calls it! Much colder and it’s chilly, much hotter and it gets very muggy here – hot and moist . I’m such a Brit – discussing the weather 🙂


      1. It gets outrageously hot. 38 C or more for weeks on end. But I’ll take that over -17 C for weeks on end, as we had in Ohio for the last couple of years. Those crazy Polar Vortexes. Fie upon them.


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