3Line Tales: Under That Lazy Moon


Photo by Sonya Oldwin



‘Lazy bloody moon,’ he muttered, draping an arm over her narrow shoulders.

She hated how the weight of him constrained her breathing, hated  his greed for her, his undeserved swagger.

None of that would matter soon: soon she would be gliding across the bay under that lazy moon, heading to a Somewhere he was too stupid to find – happy to become invisible again.



For Sonya at Only 100 Words Three Line Tales. Write a little something of no more than three lines inspired by the photo prompt, then post, link back and take a gander at the other contributions. For full rules see here.










26 thoughts on “3Line Tales: Under That Lazy Moon

    1. Thank you! It’s those young men you see I had in mind – those ones who drape themselves over their girlfriend, marking their territory, a clear ‘hands off’ to any competition. And I’m sure there are plenty of women – and men – who would love to vanish from their own lives. I guess many do. Thanks for reading 🙂


      1. “The disappearance piece offers lots of possibilities as you mention others have gone before her,” she said. “Of course, you’ll want to see just where these women go,” she added.

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      1. You’re welcome! It doesn’t matter where as long as she’s happy 🙂
        I’m late to the 3LT party but from now I’ll be watching that space! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Jenny! I have a feeling she’ll be away and free soon, though I did wonder where. I can’t help but think of sneaking a touch of fantasy in stories, so maybe she’s slipped to another world …

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