Thursday: Send a skeleton to school day


Image: Pixabay

I sent a skeleton off to school on Thursday.

A skeleton dressed in a rather dapper broad brimmed hat and a sharp black jacket. He was no slouch when it came to all things sartorial, let me tell you.

What, you may ask, was I doing with a skelton in my house? Furthermore, what was I doing making this wrathe a chicken sandwich, ensuring he had two quid for the bus, his French homework and his P.E. kit? Was I becoming just a little too familiar with the dead for comfort? Had I finally given myself over to the arts of the necromancer?

And what the hell is a skeleton doing playing rugby?
Surely they don’t have the guts (I thank you.)

The truth is, the delightfully excited, dessicated bag of bones that shovelled a bowl of cereal before he sprinted for the door, was my son. And before you begin to worry he’s met with some dreadful accident or he’s a figment of my dark imaginings, don’t worry, he’s alive and well.

But Thursday, you see, dear friends, was World Book Day, a fun excuse (if one were needed) for kids across the UK to leave their school uniform on their bedroom floor (the only place to keep a uniform, of course) and dress as their favourite fictional character. 

Over the years, I have witnessed a lot of animals – bears of the Pooh variety, cats in hats, gold loving dragons – a ton of boy wizards with wonky, eyeliner scars on their foreheads and an awful lots of superheroes and fairy princesses.

Call me old fashioned, by I prefer the purer book characters, those less associated with high budget block buster movies and more with their papery origins – the more obscure the better. One of my son’s friends dresses as Death from the Discworld books, which I rather love.

The lazier kids can dress as Greg Heffley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid – and therefore go in their own clothes.

If World Book Day had been a ‘thing’ when I was at school, I would’ve gone as Laura Chant from the Changeover by Margaret Mahy – or Will Stanton from Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising books.

And who was my son, you may ask?

Skulduggery Pleasant, of course.


How is World Book Day celebrated where you live?

And most importantly –

If you were to dress as a fictional character, who would you be?


27 thoughts on “Thursday: Send a skeleton to school day

  1. Only one of mine took part this year – Greg from Diary of a Wimpy Kid – no interest in actually dressing up. A couple of years ago one went as Fr. Jack from Father Ted 🙂
    Me? I’d be Nanny Ogg 😀

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    1. Haha! Love the idea of one of your kids going as Fr Jack – ‘Arse, feck, girls!’
      And Nanny Ogg – all hail to you for a stunning choice. Do you know all the words to ‘A Wizards Staff Has a Knob on the End’, though? 🙂

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  2. We had that here in New Jersey, as well. My 9-year old dressed as a Hogwarts student, which I guess lacks originality and is a bit cliche, but she is so in love with reading–reads constantly–and I think it’s because of those books. So I go with it.

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    1. Absolutely. You’d have seen a lot of boy and girl wizards here too – mine went as Harry Potter one year. You have to give Jo Rowling that – she helped a genereation of kids love books, which is amazing in itself


    1. Terrific choice, Kate. Love Granny Weatherwax. Terry Pratchett was very good at writing women, I think. He had a lot of female characters, a lot of female leads, and none of them were cliches. I like Magrat Garlick (though she’s a bit soppy) and Angua, the werewolf city guard officer would be great to go as too.

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      1. Thanks Lynn I thought Magrat was a bit of wet blanket, but she was starting to develop and I’m sad that won’t happen now. Angua, Nanny Ogg and Esme are my favourites I have to admit. I do love the Guards though and… well I could go on and on hahahaha!! I would aspire to be Esme I think.Kate :0)

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      2. Any of the books that feature the guards or the witches are good, I think – even going back to when Sam Vimes was a useless drunk and the City Guard a laughing stock. I have a minor delusion that once characters that strong are created, they live on somewhere, living their lives – I’d like of think of Nanny Ogg warming her toes by the fire, sipping something ‘medicinal’, Greebo on her knee as Esme Weatherwax looks on disapprovingly 🙂

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    1. Haha! Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been a woman on the edge … 🙂 He looked pretty cool, I must say. And you’re right, anything that gets them reading and away from screens – says the woman attached to her laptop right now 🙂

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      1. Haha! Funny, my son accuses me of being hypocritical every time I tell him he plays too many computer games. Of course, I say I’m writing, which is a proto career and totally different. The argument doesn’t wash 🙂 X

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      2. Maybe he will, in which case he’ll be more than welcome to rip me to pieces for being so controlling. Must try and pull away from the draw of blogs and do more proper writing … 🙂

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      3. Hope you’re feeling a little better now? I’m sure when we get some warmer weather, that’ll help. You’ren ot still coping without heatingg, are you?

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      4. Hurray, thank goodness! That must feel so much better – and no puppies staring up at you resentful and shivering 🙂 Roll on Spring and a renewed energy for us all. A little bit of warm sunshine on our skin – that’s what we need.

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      5. Oh, yes. Warm sunshine. I’m craving it now. It’s sunny here today, but very chilly. I just want to sit out in the garden, with the flowers growing and the bees buzzing round me. Need to emigrate. 🙂

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    2. Sam Grimes, The Patrician, Carrot, The ‘Red Ribboners club’ all so lifelike. I would love to sit next to a roaring fire with a glass of apple brandy and ‘summatonastick’ while Nanny Ogg regales tales of her misspent youth and Granny Weatherwax chewing bonfire toffee like a bulldog chewing a wasp! The characters are so 3D you feel that you could actually bump into them in the corner shop.

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      1. And CMOT Dibbler and his something suspicious ‘innabun’. Pratchett surely did have a wise and wicked way with words. And who else could have made us all feel empathy for the Grim Reaper himself? Very sadly missed. And if you stumble across Granny anytime soon, so let me know – I’d love to meet her 🙂

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