Close encounter of the Fifth Kind*




But this is the middle of nowhere.’ Dan stroked the bin with a calloused finger.

‘Mate, you’ve made me stop here every day for the last week,’ I said. ‘Let it go.’

From the van, I heard Tommy’s mocking laughter, followed by a raucous and non-too clean version of the Frozen tune. I threw a scowl Tommy’s way and turned my attention back to Dan.

I said, ‘We’ve just got one more job today and – ‘

Dan bent over, pressing his nose into the bin’s open mouth, then stood up, a confused look folding his brow. ‘New bin smell.’


‘Why would someone build a new carpark here, Rob?’ he said. ‘Nuffin but old factories and waste ground for miles.’ Then he smiled, revealing teeth like tumbling headstones. ‘Aliens.’

‘Aliens,’ I said.

His grin continued to spread, the corners almost reaching his ears. ‘They’re giving us a sign.’

I rubbed my forehead. ‘Right. So an advanced race with the technology to travel lightyears across the universe, are communicating through street furniture. What’re they saying, then?’

He shrugged. ‘Dunno. Maybe they just don’t want us to drop litter.’

‘Get in the bloody van.’


*A UFO event that involves direct communication between aliens and humans.


Written in response to Roger Shipp’s FFftPP prompt. Respond to the photo prompt and include the suggested phrase – and all in under 200 words. Come along and join the fun.


15 thoughts on “Close encounter of the Fifth Kind*

    1. Haha! Me too. Poor Rob – I think he’s in the wrong job. I did like this little group of characters. May have to revisit them at some point. 🙂


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