Death be not proud

Barn in a thunderstorm

Image: Pixabay

‘You know what to do?’ asks the old woman.

Connie nods, fingers tensed around the cup. The stench of the liquid catches in the back of her throat – vinegar sour, metallic – turning her stomach.

The old woman scuffs to the fire, tosses herbs into the flames. ‘Drink and they will find you.’

The liquid scalds Connie’s stomach. Heat spreads across her skin – hot needles turning to pokers skewering her heart and lungs, stealing her breath. She chokes. Gasps.

A giggle – another. One small body snuggles against her side, the weight of another on her lap.

‘Oh, my loves,’ she says.



Written for Notina’s Moral Mondays, the theme this week being Love Conquers All. Pop along to see the rules and to join in.


10 thoughts on “Death be not proud

    1. I just can’t help myself! Give me a scenario and I’ll fill it with the undead, restless spirits, time travel, etc etc. To write a ‘straight’ story is quite a struggle for me 🙂

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      1. I watched an interview with Hilary Mantell and she says she believes the wall between this world and the next is very thin, something you can see in her writing – especially Beyond Black which is all about a medium and her relationship with her spirit guide (very dark). If I can slip the otherworldly into a story I will 🙂


    1. My favourite bit of Macbeth, those sisters – Bill wrote them very well, don’t you think? That and old Mrs Mac washing her hands – ‘Out damned spot’. Love a Tragedy 🙂

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