TLT: No way to spend you last years

three line tales, week ten – toy sailboats

Photo by Charlie Harutaka at Unsplash


Light flickers off the breakers, a blinding, shattered mirror sea.

He’s mesmerised by her: skin – coppered as much by reflected rays as by the sun itself: how she slips from bow to stern, pulling ropes he has no name for, ducking the boom as it swings overhead and the one thing he’s sure of – surer than his own next breath – is that he’ll never, ever leave her.


Such a shame when they get like that, poor old things – staring at a toy boat all day’s no way to spend your last years. ‘Time for tea, Mr Stamp. Mr Stamp?’


Written in response to Sonya at Only 100 Words’ Three Line Tales. See the well picked pic prompt, write a story in three-ish sentences, share and comment. See full rules here.

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