FFftPP: Wuthering Heights and Orcs




‘Beautiful, isn’t it?’ said Carol. ‘Very Wuthering Heights.’

‘I was thinking more Lord of the Rings, myself.’ Ted handed her the cup from his Thermos.

‘Thanks. You’re a star for bringing the flask.’

He smiled. ‘I was a boy scout, you know ‒ always prepared.’

Carol gazed up at the granite boulders. ‘I can imagine Catherine Earnshaw running across these moors …’

‘And being cut down and eaten by Orcs,’ said Ted, topping up her tea.

‘Ha! Well, they’ve had Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – why not Wuthering Heights and Orcs?’

‘We’ll sell the movie rights to Peter Jackson for a fortune. Clever girl.’

Carol laughed. ‘Ooh, I think girl’s pushing it.’

He looked up at the clouds. ‘Nonsense. You’re obviously very … ahem … fit.’

She blushed, shaking the last drops of cold tea from the cup. ‘Well, I hope your scouting skills are up to finding the rest of our team. They vanished ages ago.’

Screwing the cup back on the flask, he said, ‘Doubt it. But I do have an unerring instinct for finding country pubs with blazing fires and fantastic food.’ He offered her his arm.

Carol smiled. ‘Best team building exercise ever,’ she said.


Written for Roger Shipp’s Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner. See here for the rules and to join in the fun.





22 thoughts on “FFftPP: Wuthering Heights and Orcs

    1. Yes, I think so. I see them working in the same office, both fifty-ish, divorced / widowed. Not expecting to find love again, but being pleasantly surprised during a tedious work outing. Sweet pair. :). Thanks for reading, lovely. Hope you’re doing ok. X

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  1. I like this! Two of my favourite books. And reminds me of one of my first dates walking with my now husband where he produced a flask of tea from his bag. I’d never been out with anyone that practical before and was very impressed!

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    1. Haha! Could have been written for you. You’ve got to love a man with the foresight to bring tea – especially, though if he’s brought the milk in a separate container. Marriage is guaranteed! It was the rocks that did it – I thought of both books because of the rocks and split the conversation I had in my own head between the two characters. I have a feeling these two could be very happy together 🙂

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    1. Ooh, hope you enjoy it. Wuthering Heights is good – though some of the characters are hard to like! Loved Jane Eyre, though, by Emily’s sister Charlotte. Those Bronte girls loved a bit of dark, simmering passion!


  2. Another wonderful piece. My favourite line is when the woman says she can picture Catherine E running through the moors and her male colleague says “and being cut down and eaten by orcs” Hilarious!

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  3. This was wonderfully written and thoughtful – like how you combined the two “split rock personalities” which sort of spills into the characters, but is just enough of an odd combination that it could very well work out! And the fact there was some “common ground” – sorry, I couldn’t help myself, makes it all very endearing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, you’re right, there’s enough shared ‘ground’ 🙂 and enough differences for these to to make a real go of things. I liked writing about them very much. Thank you so much for your kind words and thanks for reading 🙂

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