The Forensics Never Lie

Old lady wearing glasses and a straw hat

Image: Pixabay

She’s the epitome of Granny, from the woollen hat like a distended tea cosy, to the shopping trolley – red and blue tartan with one squeaky wheel and clunking with tins of cat food. A bag of mint imperials was found stuffed in the front pocket.

The fluorescent light makes her hair glow like it’s been chiselled from Parma Violets and she’s slurping tea as if she aims to drink India dry. Somehow she’s persuaded one of the uniform boys to make her a proper cup – freshly boiled water, teabag bag and a dash of semi-skimmed – rather than serve her the rubbish from the machine. A couple of half eaten Bourbon Creams  lie on a gold rimmed plate and a paper doily, though where the hell they came from baffles me.

Her knuckles are swollen to the size of walnuts by arthritis, hand movements slow and deliberate, every one thought through to save effort and cause the least pain.

I look at her through the one way mirror, remembering my own Nan – the same smell of closed up rooms, similar tweedy coat with mismatched buttons. I wonder if this old dear has a pair of slippers at home with holes cut out the side to give the bunions room …?

Stop that.

I look to her fingertips, at the ink stains colouring the whorls, loops and arches.

The forensics never lie.

The Chief Inspector and I exchange a glance, a nod and I open the interview room door.


The Daily Prompts’ word today was epitome and for some reason, this is what spewed out of me.

15 thoughts on “The Forensics Never Lie

  1. I read an interview with Jessica Chastain where she suggested (though not in these words) that the female of the species is deadlier than the male, that unlike male serial murderers women didn’t need the stimulus of a robbery or a rape to start them on their deadly spree. I wonder if your cool, calm and collected granny — well, not yours personally — has done the deed before …

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    1. I suspect you’re very much on the right lines there, Chris. Whatever it is she’s done – and I suspect it’s awful – she’s got away with it many times before.

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