Three Line Tales: What happened today


photo by Rosan Harmens – click here for full res version

photo by Rosan Harmens – click here for full res version


Donny sits on the art drawers. His boots swing, untied laces tapping on the metal handles.

Mr Kearney leans against his desk, arms folded. He’s wearing his I’m here to help you face. ‘Gonna tell me what happened today?’

The gonna puts Donny’s back up straight away. No teacher says gonna unless they’re trying to get something out of you. ‘Lots of stuff happened.’

‘Don’t be a smartarse. What happened between you and Anthony Rawlings?’

Swearing now. He must be rattled.

‘Anthony’s in a bad way, Donny. He could be scarred for life.’ The muscle under Mr Kearney’s eye twitches. ‘And there’s a craft knife missing.’

Huh. So they do count the knives. He doesn’t care. It’s well hidden, waiting for the next time.

And the next.



Written for Sonya at Only 100 Words’ Three Line Tales. Even I have to confess to taking the mick with this one – three lines, my backside. I official disqualify myself.

However, I shall leave it saying Three Line Tales, so anyone interested can pop along and take part – always a great photo prompt and always wonderful responses.

21 thoughts on “Three Line Tales: What happened today

  1. I’ll put a note up that you’ve gone over quite a bit, but I’ll include the story. I don’t think Donny’s going to have a bright future. Shame, he seems to be a smart lad, being able to read his teacher like that…

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  2. When Paul was fifteen, someone from an Autism support organisation came to see him. He was in his fifties and his corduroy jacket and trousers were in their nineties. He sat on the floor talking trying to sound upbeat and saying “Cool” as often as possible. Paul wasn’t impressed. He refused to see him again.

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    1. Hard, being able to talke to kids without paronising them. Especially teenagers. Joe has a teacher who says cool too often – not so bad now they’re only 12, but in a few years time … There’s another who has this effortlessly cool thing – more of a tattooed rock good thing going on – effortless. An English teacher. I think he’ll be the object of some serious male and female adoration as they get older.

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    1. Thank you Katie 🙂 Your blog looks great – I particularly liked your advice to write every day. A very sound habit to get into. All the best with your blogging and writing journeys and thanks for reading:)

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