Three Line Tales: Silly Daddy


phtot by Charlie Hang – you'll find a bigger version here

photo by Charlie Hang – you’ll find a bigger version here


Just one more gate to clear and he’s through – he dabs the sweat from his forehead before he reaches the guard, holds in the cough that itches like a quill at his throat.

Why does that man – the one with the yellowed fingers, the ochre teeth –  want the virus to spread to the island? The money they gave him (enough to get Maisie through college, enough for a house – for a future) almost helps him forget to wonder. Almost.

Later, slumped in the ferry terminal toilets, the lights buzz and flicker like an electric storm and he wants to shield his eyes, though the pain’s too great to move a finger. Maisie comes, holds a cool hand against his cheek. ‘Silly Daddy,’ she says.


Written for Sonya at Only 100 Word’s Three Line Tales. See the pic, write a story in three-ish lines.


28 thoughts on “Three Line Tales: Silly Daddy

      1. I do keep meaning to go back over some of my flash pieces and extend them. Some I’ve enjoyed writing so much and really think they might work well as longer stories. I will do that – one day. Thanks so much, Casey 🙂

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      2. Seriously. Because, you do realize that you exist to entertain us. That’s your job. It’s not like you’re writing a book or anything… 😉

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      3. Oh, I’m MEANT to be writing a book … 🙂 Would like to revisit some of those flashes, though. Might actually get some half decent short stories out of them 🙂 Thanks Casey

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      4. And one day, my grandchild will treasure a tome titled, “Anthology of Love’s Short Stories.” (Or, “Shirt Stories,” as auto correct keeps insisting…)

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      5. Yes, and they always accidentally shrink shirts but persuade the customers that they’ve gained weight, prompting a sudden influx of clientele at the gym…which the laundry people also own… 😉

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      6. Haha! Great idea. I do wonder if the companies that own sugar refineries or make junk food also have shares in those horrible drugs that make you shed fat in unpleasant ways – or stomach staplers. There would be a kind of cynical logic there.

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    1. Let’s hope she does, just to give us a tiny ray of sunshine in an otherwise grim tale. Maybe she can become a reserach scientist and find a cure for the disease her dad just gave to everyone … 🙂


      1. Very good point. I guess the narrator believes she’ll be okay – mayb the people who paid him have given her a shot to protect her from it? Yes, chapter two would be good. Maybe one day. Thanks for reading 🙂


    1. Ah, thanks love. Yeah, don’t approach anyone with a cold – or anyone slumped in a cubicle! I’m sure the real apocalypse won’t be engineered, but accidental. I’m voting for a zombie apocalypse for hub’s sake, so he can shoot them with his bow and arrow and feel like Daryl from The Walking Dead 🙂

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