The Daily Post : Darkness my ally

Alleyway at night

Image: Pixabay

Master Scance reached for Thom’s hand for support, nails thick and ridged as sandy oyster shells.

Thom had been his apprentice for six months now, but still those nails repulsed him – the jagged rims, the beds blackened by constant use of the pipe. The old man’s hands were thin, the skin dry and papery. But those nails … Thom wondered what they could cut. And what they couldn’t.

‘Are you listening.’ The Master tugged Thom close, pressed flaking lips to his ear. ‘Repeat the First Lesson.’

Thom swallowed. ‘Darkness is my ally.’

‘And the Second?’

Thom could smell the old man’s tobacco – sweet cherry and tar and burning thatch. ‘Darkness is a weapon.’

‘Good. The Third.’

‘Use my enemy’s strength against him.’

Anyone passing would have heard a gasp, a ripping sound like nails through paper, a rustle of fabric and the soft thud of old bones hitting cobbles.

‘Lesson learned,’ whispered Thom.



Written for The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt : Darkness. Good fun, just pop along here and take a look.


8 thoughts on “The Daily Post : Darkness my ally

  1. Thom may regret his action a few months down the line, when he realises there are some things you can’t learn from books 🙂
    Another great little read – do you ever worry that you may run out of ideas? 🙂

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    1. You know, Jane, that’s a brilliant observation and one that’s really relevant today I think. None of us feel we actually have to learn anything because we know it’s all there online. But it isn’t is it? Some things can only be learned from other people and from a lifetime’s experience – things that are too indepth to be put online. We’re all going to know a little bit of a lot of stuff and not lots of anything.
      Prompts are great for ideas – they make your brain spin into the most unexpected places. I have a fair few shorts I’d like to expand into something longer – one day. 🙂 Thank you

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