Three Line Tales: Where little green men go on holiday


three line tales week 24

photo prompt by Emiel Molenaar – you’ll find the full resolution shot here


‘What happened to crop circles?’ said Jim, staring into the dregs of his stout. ‘Used to be loads a few years back. Can’t remember when I last saw one.’

‘Fashion,’ said Carl who’d spent the last ten minutes nenuding every table in the pub of beer mats and was now constructing a skew-whiff, ale scented house of cards.

‘How’s that?’

‘Well,’ said Carl with a knowledgable air, ‘I ‘spect Earth was the holiday choice for your rich tentacled alien – like Cannes or Ifracombe is for posh people. Now, your little green man will have found a new desination.’ He stared at the rain spattered window. ‘With sunshine and a view of the sands. Venus maybe.’

Jim thought for a moment. ‘Won’t find crops on Venus.’

Carl pointed to his empty pint glass. ‘Won’t find beer neither, so that’s something we got in common. Your round.’


Written for Sonya at 100 Words Three Line Tales. And no, in no way does it qualify – again. But if you’d like to take part and feel you’d do a better job of sticking to the rules, see here.

And for those of you unfamiliar with the crop circle phenomena, take a look here.

30 thoughts on “Three Line Tales: Where little green men go on holiday

  1. “You see? Leaving the EU means we don’t get any more alien crop circles. Is this a good or bad thing? It’s bad for tourism anyway, all those circle-spotters won’t come no more. Can’t get the visas. I told you we shouldn’t’ve left.”


      1. Ooh, good call. Wonder what the Ight could be? Some kind of test of manhood for the young men? The final journey for the soul? Race to see who writes the first spec fic flash about the Ight? 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You’ve got some great ideas already! And you’re on! Although I’ll have to give you a head start; no time to write today. I’ll see what Al gives us for Sunday Photo Fiction. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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