TLT: My cheeky monkey


three line tales week 27 – red cherries

photo by Inma Ibáñez – here’s a bigger version


Your toes curl around the branch, hands reaching for the next hold and the next – my nimble little chimp plucking cherries from our tree.

Perched high above the dried mud and broken down garden fence, you wedge your back in a woody cleft, sun casting green shadows on your cheek through fluttering leaves, the wind stealing the sound of chewing and sucking, the stones pinging to the ground.

Red lips, red tongue poked out – my cheeky monkey – you reach for more fruit as the recording ends, my finger already hovering over the ‘replay’ button.


Written for Sonya at Only 100 Words’ Three Line Tales and this week I think I’ve actually stuck to the three lines. Miracles will never cease. See here for the rules and to read the other stories.


26 thoughts on “TLT: My cheeky monkey

  1. Great piece! So descriptive, could really see and hear it all happening but then… That ending… Really didn’t see it coming, left me with pangs of sadness in my chest… Great work! Truly enjoyed 🙂

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    1. Thank so much Shaun. If the word length had been longer, I would have played up the tech side and added a touch of sci-fi. But hey-ho. Thanks so much for reading and for you kind comment 🙂

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      1. Ah that could have been interesting! I actually had an image of a Mother, who’d lost her child, replaying an old camcorder… Hence the sadness I felt!

        It’s something I love about these short pieces, you can conjure many interpretations from so few words!

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      2. You had the exact image in mind I wanted to project! It’s just I had some kind of high tech gadgetry in mind, that was all. Thanks very much for your incisive comments, Shaun 🙂

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