Three Line Tales: It’s coming

three line tales, week 29 – purple lightning

photo by Breno Machado


‘It’s coming,’ calls Father and with one look I run to the cottage, dropping the bucket, water splashing my stockings, filling my shoe with heavy cold, but I still run, loping for the door, tugging Tom’s hand because he’s only one and doesn’t understand.

Father has taken the reins off Moses, our shire horse – he’s survived before alone in the trees, shivering by the hedgerows and he will do better free – tethered, all beasts are good as dead.

I carry Tom up the ladder to the loft, though he’s heavy, wriggly as a piglet, as Father slams the metal bar across the door, bangs the shutters and I sit with Tom on the mattress, give him my peg dolls to suck, as the thunder crashes, rain striking the thatch and I think of Mother vanishing in the last storm and how this time it could be me.

It’s here.


Written for Sonya at Only 100 Words’ Three Line Tales. One picture, three lines = a story. See here to join in and to read more stories.

19 thoughts on “Three Line Tales: It’s coming

  1. Wa she burnt to a cinder, or did something more sinister occur?
    I’m loving the assonance that’s creeping into your writing, Lynn – it adds an extra dimension.


  2. You are a double-tensioner: there is the “obvious” tension of the approaching storm, but you weave in little “not quite right feeling” lines into your tales. Age of children. Hummm, where’s Mum? Out in the . . . “This time could be me. Here it comes.” . . . I’m ducking my head below the level of my laptop screen!
    Another author, First World one War Nurse Bess Crawford by Charles Todd.
    I actually use a library and read books (I get gifts of books for my birthday/Christmas) so relay on their new purchases section — the mystery genre sticker helps me identify new writers and get out of my comfort zone more.
    However, after your story, I am getting back into my comfort zone for a minutes or two.

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    1. Thanks for another tip. Have you read the Regeneration trilogy by Pat Barker? Terrific WWI stories, the first of which focuses around men with shell shock in a hospital in Scotland – really very good.
      Thanks so much for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed the story. It’s tough with these shorts, as many feel like they have potential, but I can’t always continue them. I did like this one, so perhaps … 🙂


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