Sunday Photo Fiction: Work in progress


171 09 September 4th 2016

Copyright Al Forbes

When was the last time she walked along the towpath? Six months ago? Maybe seven?

Strangely fitting that the destruction at her feet – the mud, the gravel, the lengths of pipe and wooden planks – reflects how her own life has been taken apart.

She smiles at the ugly surface, the rutted soil where a clean, compacted walkway used to be. The rushes and irises, the rose bay willow herb and arcs of bramble are gone, no doubt composted or tossed into landfill.

Other people might seen an eyesore, a sweet idyll destroyed, but not her – she sees a work in progress.

One day the irises will return, the rushes too and with them bees and butterflies and water voles. The canal will come alive again.

She holds a word on her tongue, tough as gravel, sweet as clover.


Written for Sunday Photo Fiction. See the pic and write a tale. See here to join in and to read the other stories.

26 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: Work in progress

  1. Funny we chose a same word for this prompt! Loved the last but one line “She holds a word on her tongue, tough as gravel, sweet as clover.”

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  2. Love this Lynn. It seems your character is happy to get rid of the old, thick with memories and bring on the new. The good parts of the old will return when everything is “reconstructed.” Great job writing!

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