FFfAW: Turn to stone

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Phylor. Thank you Phylor for our photo prompt!



‘He didn’t finish painting the house,’ she said as I walked up the path towards her.

‘Six months since we saw each other and that’s the first thing you say?’ I was tired from the four hour drive, from fighting with Jase before I left home. From worrying about spending my first ever weekend alone with my mother.

‘He didn’t finish,’ she said again, pointing to the feathery line of brown paint just above head height. ‘Always was slovenly.’

I bit my lip, reminded myself that even if she was behaving like a hatchet faced harpy, it was probably her way of grieving.

‘Dad didn’t plan to die, Mum …’ Then I saw it, a granite slab, the words Here Lies The Body just visible above a drift of golden leaves. ‘What the hell is that?’

She shot a look that should have turned me to rock. ‘The stonemason had a sale on when I went to buy your father’s. Are you coming inside?’

It was going to be a long weekend.


Written for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers weekly photo prompt. Write up to 175 words to go with the picture. See here to join in and to read the other stories.

24 thoughts on “FFfAW: Turn to stone

  1. The stonemason had a sale — oh dear, sounds like something my mother would do. Or me, for that matter. Great portrayal of those often frustrating familial ties, especially apt since I just spent a week with my extended family.

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    1. Haha! Yes, we love them, but … Easy for the people we know the best to grate on our nerves. I have heard of people doing similar things and really, if you’ve decided you’re going to be buried why not save yourself the money? Dying is an expensive business these days.

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      1. A long time ago I heard this, but I have no idea where:

        Why do my parents always know how to push my buttons like that?

        Because they’re the ones who installed them.


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    1. Ha! The joys of family life, eh? I’d like to understand the psychology of it, how the people we love the most, who have cared for us the most, are the ones that needle us the most too. There must be some evolutionary advantage to being irrittated by your family! Thanks so much for reading, Chris

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  2. LOL! She bought her husband’s gravestone on sale! This story is funny Lynn! I feel sorry for the girl having to spend a weekend with her mother alone. I apologize for not reading this sooner. I have been waiting for your link to show up on InLinkz to read it. Did you forget to link it up in InLinkz?

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    1. Oh, Lor, you know I think I did! What a numpty! Sorry about that, Joy. Thank you so much for reading – always lovely to take part in the prompt 🙂


  3. Oh my Mom was certainly extremely upset at the Dad. Didn’t even finishing painting. As if he died on purpose. I’m sure she just misses him and having someone to boss around. Perhaps more the fact that her husband will never be able to finish the painting bothers her more. The extra head stone is a twist, but maybe, she’s just being prepared for herself?

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