Sunday Photo Fiction: The last man



‘Is that the last man?’ she asked.

‘Yes. Oh, yes, don’t worry.’ His eyes flashed at her then away. ‘No survivors.’

She could hear the edge in his voice, the rage at what he’d been forced to do. ‘If you have something to say – ‘

Gun in hand, his head dropped, defeated. ‘No. We made an agreement. It’s just …’ His Adam’s apple bobbed like a cork on a pond. ‘It’s harder than I thought it would be.’

Nodding, she said, ‘It was never going to be easy, but you’ve done something to be proud of today.’ She looked pointedly at the gun hanging heavy in his hand. ‘One last thing.’

The gun raised, trembling. With one decisive motion he let it drop.

She peered into the cardboard box and smiled. ‘Right. That’s the toy soldiers packed. Now all that’s left is your comic book collection. We’ll have this spare room turned into a nursery in no time.’


Written for Sunday Photo Fiction. See the photo and write up to 200 words to go along. See here to join in and to read the other stories.





17 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: The last man

  1. Oh no, poor guy! He should have married someone who respects his interests – like me! I figure anyone who makes the other person throw out a few boxes of stuff they love had *better* not be taking up more than their half of the closet space, right? Fair’s fair!

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      1. I know a lot of people who have a one-sided blindness for that kind of thing… “Why does he/she have to keep all that *junk*?” but then at the same time, “But I neeeeed my stuff, that’s different!” 🙂

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  2. Wonderful take. It was a bit of a mystery where u we’re going to go with this until I got to the end and rereadre-read it.

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  3. You say no one had to die, but he must have died a little with every soldier he packed away 🙂
    See? You did it again – though this time it was just a little tickle, rather than a full force punch below the belt 🙂

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    1. Ha! Thanks Jane. I’m sure you’re right – he must have grown a tiny bit dimmer with every soldier she takes away. We must leave people their little pleasure or what’s left? 🙂

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      1. It’s a cruel woman who takes away a man’s little toy soldiers 🙂 When I was in my early twenties I was married to a man who kept a dismembered moterbike under the kitchen table – he liked to pull bits of it out and fiddle with them. I didn’t complain, and a year or so later he was taking me around the countryside on the assembled bike.
        Ok, so it was before we had children 🙂

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      2. A lot of men seem to need hobbies, a bit of tinkering to be getting on with. And preferably a shed to tinker in. We all need something of our own, don’t we?

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      3. Yes! With patchwork hills and woodland to the North and South, and a clear view of sunrise over the meadow and sunset over the distant sea.
        And a shower with a roof that rolls back in summer 🙂
        And a cheesemaker within walking distance 🙂
        And, and…

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      4. Brilliant! Sounds perfect. Love the idea of the cheesemaker. Where have you seen this property? Do send me the estate agent’s details 🙂


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