All fur coat and no knickers : The Daily Prompt : Facade

Glamorous female model smoking

Image: Pixabay


Your facade reminds me of a country house – grand but stony. I wonder if there are other similarities.

Does your beautiful exterior hide decrepitude, hidden portions of yourself you’d rather others did not peek at? No doubting you are presentable when you’ve had fair warning of visitors, but if we look a little deeper, are there places – hidden behind a red silk rope – unavailable to the public? With an air of dusty neglect and just a whiff of rodent?

If I pulled aside the curtain of your respectablilty, would I find rotting waste, a thousand dirty, hidden little secrets swept out of sight of prying eyes?

Just tell me – are you all fur coat and no knickers?


Written for The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt – FACADE. Write a post to accompany the word and why not pop along here to read the other posts.


4 thoughts on “All fur coat and no knickers : The Daily Prompt : Facade

  1. I love this saying, “all fur coat and no knickers.” Although the problem is, that sounds kind of racy. 😉 Reading the rest of the story, I think you mean more like… and worn-out stained knickers with stretched-out elastic – no?

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    1. Haha! Possibly. It’s those people with a veneer, a snobbery about them who look down on others but have some nasty, grungy secrets of their own .I wondered about including the saying, but I love it too, so I sneaked it in. Probably right it finishes on the wring tone 🙂

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