Graceful as an elephant: The Daily Prompt: Graceful

Elephant's head

Image: Pixabay

‘Graceful as an elephant,’ Dad muttered as I tripped for the third time.

I sat on the pavement, examining the fresh graze on my knee, blood like red pearls on scuffed skin. I’d grazed the toes of my new shoes too, roughened leather showing pale against the chestnut brown polish. I could have cried, but refused to let myself.

Dad had gone up ahead, past the grocer’s cart with its hillock of crinkling Granny Smith’s, past the chemist with its giant bottles of jewell coloured liquids, copperplate brass plaques declaring Elix. Cardammomi co, Elix. Carnis et Ferri.

He turned back to see where I was, spun smoothly on his heel, his jacket flaring, his arms raised slightly, as if ready to dance. He kept on walking, one step, two, down the curb onto  Old Farm Road. He was frowning, eyes searching the air above my head.

A horn sounded. A thud. The pages of a newspaper flapping to the ground like weary pigeons.

Dad taught me a lesson I shall never forget – it’s better to be aware than graceful.


Written for The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt – GRACEFUL. Visit here to join in and to read the other posts.

17 thoughts on “Graceful as an elephant: The Daily Prompt: Graceful

  1. “The pages of a newspaper flapping to the ground like weary pigeons.” I love that! It gives such a cinematographic image – dad landing on the ground, sending up a small flurry of dust, the paper fluttering down to land around him as the dust settles. I can see it in detail, in slow motion. His jacket is brown, and slightly frayed…
    I don’t think she likes her dad much. Can she get by without him?

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    1. I think you’re right, Jane – Dad’s not the warmest of people. I imagine her being close with her mum, so I think she’ll be fine. Thank you for such lovely comments and I’m really glad you liked the pigeon image – I was pleased with that one 🙂

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  2. wow surprise ending. You are right. It pays to be aware and to get through the ungrateful moments. If I trip I laugh and smile and get back up. If you’re good natured about it and not hurt it’s okay. Very sad about the Dad.

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