Three Line Tales: A fairytale wedding

three line tales week 37: swing with chairs in the background

photo by Ben Rosett – large version here


The wedding planner – Fiona – waved a Chanel-scented hand. ‘I had the staff hang a swing, Karen – bit of rustic fun. It’ll look adorable in the pics – your cherub nieces all frothy, lacy bundles in their bridesmaids dresses. Like fairies. Or whatever.’

Fiona loathed children at her weddings. They bawled through the ceremony, gorged on icing and puked it over the table runners and ruined every photo by picking their noses or being ‘shy’. Fortunately, Karen’s relatives would just about fit the Boho theme, even if the smallest one – Pixie? Flossy? Daisy? – was a little on the ginger, freckly, chubby side.

‘I wonder, darliing. Would your sister consider giving the girls a spritz of fake tan before the big day?’



Written for Sonya at Only 100 Words’ Three Line Tales. See the photo and write a tale in three lines-ish. See here to join in and to read the other tales.

15 thoughts on “Three Line Tales: A fairytale wedding

  1. What an unpleasantly cynical character…but i guess gettimg the behind yhe scenes experience of countless weddings could do that to the average person. Chubby redheaded freckly frothy fairy sounds adorable.

    Liked by 1 person

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