Three Line Tales : Man without a face

three line tales week 43: person holding up leaf

photo by Sandis Helvigs via Unsplash


Mother paced the room, heel snagging the rug at every turn, every time she clicked from fabric to floorboards. ‘Just help me understand.’ Her tone had switched from bullying to pleading, a desperate act for her.

How do I explain the feeling as I sank into the damp leaves, as they parted beneath me, as sweet earth wrapped about my body, as he whispered without words, whispered the bulge of sap through the trees, the soft, velvet stretch of leaves unfurling, of roots spreading through the soil – of how the rain tastes when you have no tongue?

‘I loved him and never saw his face.’ How can I explain that he doesn’t have one?


Written for Sonya at Only 100 Words’ Three Line Tales. See the pic and let it inspire you. See here to join in and to read the other stories.

29 thoughts on “Three Line Tales : Man without a face

    1. Yes, wouldn’t it? Not sure where I was going with this – another commentor said it reminded them of the Green Man myth and I think that might come closest to the mark. Something primevel going on for sure. 🙂

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  1. Makes me think of the Green Man myth, not sure if that was intentional. That somewhat terrible Green Man film that had Albert Finney in it, I vaguely recall (no comparison to your story of course!). Just reminded me of it. Love that myth, the pre-Christian nature of it.

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    1. Love a Green Man! Something odd and magical / sinister about it. Thanks Bill. Not one of my best, but it had its moments. Don’t know that film, but it sounds fab – in a pants way 🙂 But then I think the Wicker Man’s a bit like that too


      1. The Wicker Man soundtrack is killer. Yeah, I get the “not one of my best” thought in general, but that thinking doesn’t work for me. It creeps in, but rarely does me any good. Hard for us to judge our own work, I think.

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      2. You’re quite right – impossible to judge your own work. I posted some flash last week that garnered just as many positive comments as work I’m happier with – mind you, fellow bloggers do tend to be positive and not tell you your work sucks, even if it does 🙂 Good to be self critical up to a point though. Beyond that point, you may never post a story ever again

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    1. Not sure I understand it either! Bill mentioned the Green Man and I think that’s the closest comparison – something pagan and magical, slightly sinister that has taken hold of her and she’s fallen under its spell. Think my head was in an odd place that day 🙂 Thank you 🙂

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