FFfAW : Green for danger

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Jade Wong. Thank you Jade!


‘Hey, Doc, what was that word again?’ Sergeant Foley walked ahead, slashing at the vegetation with a machete, his breath coming short and sharp through the helmet intercom.

Carl stepped cautiously over the fallen creepers. ‘Bioluminescence,’ he said. ‘Mind these vines – the barbs are sharp enough to pierce flesh.’

‘Bioluminescence,’ muttered Foley. ‘Like glow worms, right?’

‘Right. And don’t split the pods. The sap can pass through the protective membrane of your suit, cause hallucinations, fainting, fits …’

‘Phew-wee! Why’re all the plants here so damn unfriendly?’

Carl was tempted to say that though no animal life had been detected as yet on the planet, there must be … something the plants needed to defend themselves against. ‘We haven’t worked that out yet,’ was all he said.

Foley stopped, the machete dropping heavily to the ground. ‘Hey. Look at the bugs, Doc. Like tiny flying skeletons …’

‘What bugs?’

The arm of Foley’s suit radiated green, bright as a glow worm in the darkness.

‘Oh, crap,’ whispered Carl.



Written for Priceless Joy’s Flash Fiction fo Aspiring Writers. See the pic and write a tale. See here to read the other stories and to join in.

22 thoughts on “FFfAW : Green for danger

  1. Wonderfully scary new sci-fi world, and a great take on the photo prompt. Seems like they need suits with better protective membranes if they’re going to keep exploring here!

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    1. Quite right Joy, I don’t think they’ve thought it all through enough yet! Fun to write a bit of sci-fi though it’s not my genre. I think poor Carl might be introuble now though 🙂


      1. I think they’re both in big trouble – like, “canary in a coal mine” level of trouble! It’s fun to switch genres, I agree. I read a lot of sci-fi, so occasionally I feel hemmed in by my Eneana commitment, but then, I can do an awful lot of the same themes.

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    1. Bit too much like Day of the Triffids, maybe, an idea that worked fine on the page, but always looks very dodgy when filmed 🙂 Though what’s not to like about toxic pods, eh?

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  2. See you can even dabble in sci-fi in this space, how fun! Love it. This reminded me of one you did a month ago or so with some soldiers in a forest I think.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, you’re right it is similar. Could be the same guys on a different part of the planet. And great fun to dip my toe in sci-fi occasionally. Shame professional writers are expected to stick with one genre, don’t you think ? I do quite enjoy flipping from one thing to another

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh dear – things are not looking good for Foley. Those plants sound like nasty things! I hope that death doesn’t always naturally follow the fainting and the fits. I also hope they don’t meet whatever it is that the plants have learned to defend themselves against… Great story, Lynn. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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