Rejection Wednesday #2

Found this post truly inspiring. For any writer who has submitted and been rejected. Resubmitted, been rejected. Resubmitted again …

The Daily Rejection (A Writer's Woe)

I recently counted up the number of rejections I received on one novel. It’s called THE SOUL ACCORD, and it’s an action-packed, Young Adult supernatural thriller with a killer twist and guess what? It’s been rejected 37 times.

Thirty. Seven. Rejections. And that was only from the most recent round of queries.

I had shopped the novel around a few years ago, added a good 60-some rejections to the ol’ collection, and shelved it for two years after receiving my infamous THISCLOSE rejection.

Whelp, with a new determination, I rewrote the sucker. We’re talking a 70% overhaul. Key scene shakeups, the removal of whole plot elements and the addition of others, all while changing main character names and the story title. And what do I have to show for all my hard work?

Thirty. Seven. More. Rejections.

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2 thoughts on “Rejection Wednesday #2

  1. This really opens the eyes of writers, myself included. It just goes to show that hard work, blood sweat and tears, don’t always help. But at the same time it’s inspiring because it shows that you should never give up. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. Very true, Katie. Shows you have to be darn persistent – with the first book, then with the second and the third! Hard not to be beaten down by the rejection, but we have to keep telling ourselves it’s the dogged who win out in the end 🙂

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