Three Line Tales : Back to fairyland

three line tales week 48 girl with sparkler     photo by Zara Walker via Unsplash


A window opens up onto the past and she sees herself, five years old in an oversized coat, toes chill in Wellington boots – in her hand she holds a sparkler, its head fizzing, light dancing, a thousand tiny, magical explosions.

She etches her name into the darkness, then flowers, then a hump-backed elephant – with the last sparks she imagines herself a fairy, her heavy boots turned to silk slippers, her spinning body ready to sprout wings, to soar above the city, flit and flap back to magic, leaving times tables and cold and fear far behind.

The window closes and she is her older herself again, standing by the kitchen sink, oil curving into rainbows on top of the washing-up water, an inch of grey slush choking the garden  – she flexes her shoulders, feels for her wings.


Written for Sonya at Only 100 Words’ Three Line Tales. See the prompt and write a tale to join in. See here to do just that and to read the other stories.

21 thoughts on “Three Line Tales : Back to fairyland

  1. A wonderful story. She was temporarily in another time…one more pleasant and to her liking. She found away to escape her real world even if it was for a short time. I believe the mind often times gives us relief from all kinds n of stress and heartaches.

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    1. Sometimes we need to drift away to fairyland – a temporary relief from the cares the world brings us. Thanks so much for reading and for the thoughtful comment.


  2. I love that she is finding her wings again at thhe end. Remembering her childhood and how she flew, inspires something wonderful in her. Great writing Lynn. Happy New Year!

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