Iain Kelly’s ‘Collected Sketches’ on Amazon

Chicago skyline

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It’s my pleasure to share the news that talented writer and Friday Fictioneer , Iain Kelly has self-published a collection of his short stories on Amazon. Available on Kindle and in good solid paperback, the collection has to be the perfect New Year’s present to yourself. So, if you’re wondering what to do with those Amazon vouchers or the tenner Aunty Mabel sent you, here’s the answer.

In Iain’s words …

Collected Sketches is a series of short stories and flash fiction exploring human nature and the world that we inhabit. Sometimes funny, sometimes scary, from the everyday to the imagined future, exploring locations across the globe, these stories reflect the globalised society we live in today, the recent history that has led us here and the future we may have already created.

And if you’re still in any doubt, here’s the opening to the first story.

American Blues

Having been named after the 32nd and 26th Presidents of the United States of America, Franklin Theodore McDairmid had not lived up to his father’s expectations. Only his father called him Franklin, his mother and grandparents always called him Frank, at school he was Frankie, at college Frankie T. or Frankie T. McD, around the neighbourhood he was known as simply F.T. McD. The reduction of his name as he progressed through life mirrored his father’s receding hopes for his only child.

It had gone badly before birth. His twin brother hadn’t survived in the womb because Frankie had monopolised their mother’s blood and food supply. Whenever Frankie was given into trouble as a child he was sure he was being held responsible for this fratricide. His mother passed away when Frankie was five years old from liver cirrhosis. His father raised him with strict morals and rules and little practical guidance. Occasionally when they tossed a baseball to each other in the park or went to the movies or ate ice cream at the beach, Frankie imagined they had a loving relationship. When his father met Doris and she became his step-mother, Frankie was left to find his own way into manhood …

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