FFfAW : The night the Rooster was eaten by a Dog

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Singledust. Thank you Gina!


Ginny leaned over the balcony.

Down in the street below their flat, the road was filled with the ting of cymbals, the rapid beat of drums. Someone let off firecrackers, their light bursting and winking in the windows across the street, casting fleeting shadows from the concrete bench, the litter bin and street lamps.

At the centre of the party was the lion, its huge spiralled eyes batting killer lashes, teeth clashing, yellow fur swishing at every jump and stomp, glittered brows and tongue catching the camera flashes, flashing them back.

She loved this snippet of East Asia cut from its home, pasted into small town Buckinghamshire – Chinese tradition edged in by stockbrokers and BMWs.

She leaned over to Carl, shouting to be heard above the din. ‘What year is it now anyway? Rooster?’

But he was chatting to the waitress from the restaurant downstairs, their heads almost touching, his hand hovering dangerously close to hers.

With Carl it was always the Year of the Dog.


Written for Priceless Joy’s photo prompt, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. See here to read the other tales and to join in.

To learn more about 2017, the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster, see here.

8 thoughts on “FFfAW : The night the Rooster was eaten by a Dog

  1. I am once again impressed by how well you paint the scene — all those colors and sounds and movements just jumping out at me! And then boom, the twist that is the dog. It wasn’t really clear if Carl was her boyfriend (if so, she seems somewhat resigned to his cheating ways — get out, girl!) or if they are just friends, her maybe wanting more but seeing what a poor boyfriend he’d be. They’re always so charming too, those roguish ones, argh!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Joy for the lovely comment. I did wonder if their relationship was clear – boyfriend I fear, though perhaps not a long term one! And yes, they are charming. Grr

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahahaha! Yes, I think that would be a good description for him. 😀 😀 Great story, Lynn! Just wanted to remind you to link your story to the Story Board in InLinkz so more people can read it. Thanks!!

    Liked by 1 person

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