Three Line Tales : “When we don’t know who to hate, we hate ourselves.”*


three line tales week 53: a stormtrooper with a paint brush and an easel

photo by Daniel Cheung via Unsplash


‘I thought you should see it straight away, Doctor Garrett,’ said Benning. ‘In light of the man’s history …’

Garrett tried to suppress her dislike of the man, of the false sincerity he wore like an ill-fitting mask. His unwashed uniform smelt of sweat, stale cigarettes, last night’s liquid dinner.

‘He calls it a self-portrait, you say?’ The doctor gazed at the canvas, at the weave in the blank, unpainted surface. ‘Tell the orderlies to prepare him for my visit.’


Written for Sonya at Only 100 Words’ Three Line Tales. See here to join in and to read the other stories.

Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters


6 thoughts on “Three Line Tales : “When we don’t know who to hate, we hate ourselves.”*

  1. Very creative take on the prompt. And I love the idea of a blank canvas as a self portrait. Which highlights why it’s difficult to tell modern art from insanity at times.

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    1. I thought the same…and (this is a gender-based thing I’m not proud of), I pictured the doctor as a man at first, squinting at the canvas…had to go back to see he was a she…funny…(or not!). Bill

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Well, that is more often the norm, even today – and I did write that character as a ‘he’ originally and changed it to defy my own gender bias! Thanks for reading Bill 🙂


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