#tuesdayuseitinasentence: Break open the earth

Firework, explosion

Image : Pixabay

Someone gripped Ben’s shoulder, shaking him awake.

‘Fetch your kit,’ said the someone, just a shadow in black.

The shadow was breathing hard, a wheeze on the exhale he recognised in his own lungs. Shanty Chest, Dom had called it with a wink. But there was no more Dom. Ben kept forgetting.

He pulled his bag open, grabbing for his jacket, stuffing his bedroll inside, though it slipped and fought him as if it was alive.

‘Move,’ said the someone. ‘Five minutes and we’re out.’

Then there was no someone, no tent, only a whistling, gaping hole and the sky and stars and the stars were exploding over his head, big and white enough to blind, filling the night with cracks loud enough to break open the earth.

‘There coming!’ screamed another someone.

But he was staring up at the stars, watching them break and flash and fade and listening to the crackling hush to silence.


Written for Stephanie at Word Adventure’s #tuesdayuseitinasentence. Use the word – today it’s KIT – in a post. See here to read the other tales and to join in.

8 thoughts on “#tuesdayuseitinasentence: Break open the earth

  1. I think reading your posts has had in influence on my writing and thank you for that Lynn: I like the immediacy of it, the compactness, the microcosmic possibilities. Funny times, these. People reading snatches of possible stories on their phones, people we feel like we know but may never, really…it’s good.

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    1. It’s interesting, jumping into a story part way through, only having a vague idea of what has gone before and what will come later. Great fun writing this way – and yes, sharing! Thanks Bill

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  2. I also love the uncertainty here, the sense of the tip of the iceberg that implies so much below it. Terms like Shanty Chest hint at the broader picture, but the explosions overhead could be… well, not almost anything, but a wide range of things. Yet the desperation comes through vividly, even without grasping the backstory, and I’m already connecting with Ben and hoping he escapes whoever — or whatever — is coming.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, poor old Ben. I suspect he’s already been through a lot and much many more horros await, I’m sure. Your comments are always so thoughtful – thank you for taking the time to read x

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