What pegman saw : The Whisperers


It’s after the museum closes for the day, after the last tourist has shuffled out onto Nassau’s sweating streets, that the Whisperers come.

Jalen takes his time locking doors, scooping dropped tickets from the floor. The dust slowly settles, a powdery gauze slipping over the displays.

When he’s done he stops, lets the thump of car stereos, the calls of passersby drift like silt to the bottom of his mind as They float to the surface.

They’re shy at first, hugging the shadows, but then one will step forward, whisper a name – Efe, Temitope, Abena – then another comes and another, name after name, countless names. Jalen feels the manacles cinch his own ankles, the sea water swell his lungs as he sinks below the waves, as the sun slips away and green night falls.

Some days he wonders if he’ll join them, whispering in the darkness.


Written for What pegman saw, a prompt using Google Streetview. See here to join in and to read the other tales. Inspired by the Slavery and Emancipation Museum in Nassau.

I’m still in Mothers Day recovery mode, brain still frizzed and frazzled, so my usual Monday instalment of The Devil of Moravia will be tomorrow instead.

If I have some brain cells back by then.



































32 thoughts on “What pegman saw : The Whisperers

  1. Dear Lynn,

    There’s an ethereal feeling to this that’s quite nice. I can imagine that Jalen would have that feeling of connection to the slaves who sought freedom in Nassau. Well done.



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    1. Thank you, Rochelle. The slave trade was a true horror and one that my own city of Bristol was largely built on. A huge, ongoing crime too, sadly. Thank you so much for reading


  2. Well, here’s to another mother’s day come and gone for you lass! Hope you have time to celebrate, the three of you, when you catch up and have some time to rest. Bill

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      1. I love your husband for his curry, it’s my absolute favorite, that dish…all for the smell when frying the onions and spices, and the sound it makes. Sigh.

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  3. So, Mothers Day… I had a lovely lunch with my two older daughters and the grandkids, then Laura and I went out for dinner. What did you do, to end up so frazzled – drink twenty cans of lager and do a few rounds on Alton Towers’ Nemisis? 😀

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    1. Haha! Would have quite enjoyed that – I love a roller coaster! No, I was working, sadly. The last five days was long as people do love to give flowers for Mothers Day. Good for trade but with serving in the shop and making orders we had a couple of 12 – 14 hour days. All done now though. Next busy time for us is Christmas, so I can relax for 9 months! Your day sounds lovely – hope they spoiled you rotten 🙂

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      1. they did – Sarah and Claire always make a big thing of Mothers Day. I wonder when the card companies are going to come up with Offsprings Day. I’d be up for celebratiing that. Right now I feel grateful for all of my four children.

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