#tuesdayuseitinasentence: Her dark armour

Goth girl

Image : Pixabay

The assumption that those deserving of love will receive it is a fallacy, as sweet and baseless and fragile as a nest of spun sugar.

Made from wishful thinking, this misguided idea takes shape in the naive and guileless through every honey dipped romantic comedy, every page of rose hued chick-lit, every strained simile in every heart stuffed, petal strewn, cliche crafted love song.

That’s why Nesta prefers to watch slasher movies while reading Stephen King novels and listening to Fleshcrawl on her phone. Together, they are her dark armour.

Then she meets Stevie, who shares her thoughts on love, on The Shining and the Saw movies. And who loves German death metal …


Written for Stephanie at Word Adventures’ #tuesdayuseitinasentence. See the word – this week it’s FALACY – and write a tale.

See here for more about Fleshcrawl.


18 thoughts on “#tuesdayuseitinasentence: Her dark armour

    1. Hi lovely! Thanks very much. I often reflected on these things while I was single – the way relationships are misrepresented in books and onscreen. You never see Mr Darcy snoring 🙂 Thanks for reading x


  1. “Fleshcrawl.” That’s awesome, and I assume real (better if it weren’t). Death Metal…yes, these say a lot about us, I think. And more interesting when it’s not a generalization. That may sound cryptic, sorry. Love the piece, and the photo. Bill

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    1. I confess I looked Fleshcrawl up, rather than being an established fan! She’s a tiny bit like me, this girl, eschewing romantic fiction, rom coms etc, preferring the darker hues. I appalled the girls at work by confessing I’ve never seen Dirty Dancing – apparently, it’s some kind of female right of passage. I’ll stick to watching sci-fi 🙂


    1. Never seen the Saw movies as I was put off by them being dubbed ‘torture porn’ – an excessive amount of violence for the sake of it. What do you think to that tag? Is it justified or over simplistic?

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  2. A good rom com for me is supposed to be fun; I take the comedy and to hell with romance (says she who went to see Beauty and the Beast this weekend 😛 I’m a contradiction oh well LOL). But I won’t pretend and say I like horror movies. Can’t stand them. They gave me nightmares.
    Now I love the shift in the story and how in the end it’s not about deserving love but finding it by chance 😉 . Because really nobody can be said to be undeserving of love. Some find it, some are given it, others fight for it while some never encounter it.
    Thanks for another beautiful story 🙂

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    1. You’re so right, Stephanie. We might be entitled or deserving of love, but not all of us will get it and that’s often just down to chance.
      I’m with you on the rom com – the problem is, most of them are neither very funny or particularly romantic, merely cliched and rather lame. I’m not into horror movies either – as I’ve got older I’ve realised there’s too much horror in the real world without watching it for entertainment. Though we did watch ‘It follows’ recently, which has virtually no gore or blood but is about the creepiest film I’ve seen in a long while

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  3. Love the spun sugar nest analogy, and the whole idea of dark armor; nicely done. And while I agree with her on the sappy romances…. I’m still glad the story gave her a happy ending. 🙂

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    1. Ha! Yes, I did struggle with the ending. It felt right to give her something in the end, not leave her in a lonely, cynical limbo. And love is not really the same thing as romance anyway, is it? Hearts and flowers are all very well and good but you need a bloke who will rub your corns and still love you when he’s seen you in your tatty pants 🙂 Thank you Joy

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