Three Line Tales : When the day really starts


photo by Diana Feil via Unsplash


The booths were closing for the night, shutters locking in stuffed bears and tigers, flamingoes with felt beaks and floppy legs the colour of raw salmon. Damian passed by the hot dog van, greasy air scented with onions.

He’d arrived early, starting off making balloon poodles and flowers, passing them into small, sticky hands, trying to smile into Bambi eyes. His day really started as the children stumbled home to bed, as the bass began to pound through the PA. It was then the women would come, teetering over the claggy grass in stilettos, clinging together for support. They’d be drunk – handbags heavy with quarters of vodka – and see him, his broad red smile, his rainbow wig. Damian’s hand would go to his pocket, balloons slipping through his fingers, sleek as skin. The women would touch his shoulder, brush his arm – kiss him sometimes. The sweet, harmless clown.

It was them he thought of when he was alone, as he fingered the slack balloons.


Written for Sonya at Only 100 Words’ Three Line Tales. See the pic and write a story.

15 thoughts on “Three Line Tales : When the day really starts

    1. He is, isn’t he? Nasty piece of work, that one. Beware of clowns is all I can say! Thanks for reading Walt. Hope all’s well with you 🙂


  1. Impressive! To create a clown character combining sweet and harmless, with sad, with creepy (as Walt puts it) and all in less than 100 words. That is a very well crafted last line!

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    1. Thank you so much Penny – that’s a lovely comment 🙂 Clowns are creepy, don’t you think? Maybe it’s the fact they hide behind make up, the forced jollity, the too-wide smile. Thanks again – a truly valued comment 🙂


      1. I can still remember how much the clowns terrified me when I first went to the circus aged four – and that’s over sixty years ago!

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      2. Being a clown is not much of a career option these days is it? If only they weren’t so terrifying, I’d feel sorry for them 🙂


  2. The word choice is perfect. You create a really unsavoury character with his commentary, and the last line hammers it home. I passed on this one, couldn’t get a story out of the photo at all. Well done, you!

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    1. I know what you mean – it didn’t come easy and then when it did … well, negative connotations only with clowns! Thank you Jane time to read the story 🙂


      1. Very wise. With everything out there that’s likely to finish us off (primarily ourselves of course!) what’s the point in fretting over some chap who spends his spare time painting his own face on an egg? 🙂


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