Three Line Tales : The Spark

three line tales week 85: sparkler and sunglasses

photo by Matt Palmer via Unsplash


The front room stank of beer, the armpit smell of stale kebab meat. Gingerly, Sandy stepped over discarded food wrappers, knocking over a bottle that gurgled lager onto the rug.

‘God’s sake!’

A muffled cry from the crumpled duvet on the sofa told her Dave hadn’t made it to bed last night.

‘You’re a pig!’ Why did she still flat share with this loser?

‘Didn’t find it,’ he mumbled.

‘Find what?’

‘The spark.’

Dave always claimed his night’s picking up girls in clubs wasn’t selfish gratification, but a quest for the ‘spark’, an indefinable moment of connection that would tell him when he’d found his soul mate.

Sandy pulled back the duvet, revealing a mass of tangled brown hair, lids firmly shut over what she knew to be dazzling blue eyes.

‘You can’t even see in front of your face, you idiot.’ She let the duvet drop.


Written for Sonya’s Three Line Tales. See the pic and write. Visit here to read the other stories.

18 thoughts on “Three Line Tales : The Spark

  1. Hm, I gather those blue eyes belong to someone Sandy knows, and Dave doesn’t know as well as he thinks he does. I’m also guessing she’s better off without him, but who knows, maybe *this* one is the one that she can change. 🙂

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    1. It’s actually Dave on the couch, the owner of the blue eyes – sorry if that didn’t come across clearly. She feels a spark for him and he can’t see it. I was thinking of my younger brother who for years had this picture of what an ideal woman would look like and no one he met matched it. Then of course he met his now wife and realised love doesn’t fit into a pattern. Thanks for reading Joy

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      1. OHHHH! Okay, yeah, I didn’t get that, because I thought Dave’s eyes were open. Now I see what you mean, though. Yeah, Sandy is probably better off without him, then — don’t wait too long, honey!

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      2. I’m glad you mentioned it – interesting to see what I’ve left out of a story, how I assume the reader sees what I see and I’ve often communicated poorly. And yes, she needs to get a grip and move on, bless her. No point pining your life away on someone who doesn’t see you

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      3. Ha! So easy to do – you know what’s in your head, so why isn’t it obvious to the reader … Always surprising to see how people can interpret something completely different from how you intended

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  2. give thanks you Irene, really glad you liked it Hm, I pull together those puritanical eyes go to mortal Sandy have it aways, and Dave doesn’t have it away as well as he thinks he does.

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