Three Line Tales : A hush after the storm

three line tales week 87: a hand reaching up from a meadow under a pink sky

photo by Bryan Minear via Unsplash


It was the freedom of movement Reem valued the most. She would walk to the top of the hill overlooking Burnley, the grass hushing her steps, the breeze hushing the grass.

Raising first one hand then the other, she wriggled her fingers, allowed the breeze to wrap around her, pass over her, bringing the smells of the city – petrol fumes, the local chip shop, crushed vegetation.

Adnan laughed at her ritual. ‘Why up there of all places?’

She just smiled, pulling him close. ‘Because I can.’


Written for Three Line Tales. See the pic and write a post. See here to join in.

13 thoughts on “Three Line Tales : A hush after the storm

  1. Makes me want to get away to some bucolic hillside and lie in the grass… Although not with the smell of petrol. Smells are so evocative of memory, aren’t they? I remember the smell of gas from truck stops when I did long road trips, and from regular cars back when I was a kid, but nowadays I hardly ever smell it.

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    1. We have a serious issue with pollution in Bristol – way too many cars in narrow, twisted roads, the congestion is usually terrible, so sadly it’s something I smell alot. A nice hilside away from the fumes would be better, but Reem is just glad to be free. Thanks for reading Joy ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. We definitely have a glut of cars on the roads here too (more lanes just means more cars, not less congestion, sadly enough). But we also have super strict emissions controls in California, so I rarely smell car exhaust these days. I’ve seen footage of how bad the smog used to be in LA, and this has made a *huge* difference. Now, if only they could discover this new concept, I think it’s called “public transportation”? That would help even more…

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      2. Well, we have plenty of public transport that gets used a lot and a LOT of cyclists (crazy really, considering the pollution and the very steep hills in Bristol!) but we still have bumper to bumper cars in the morning. We’re supposed to have legislation on pollution levels too, but those are broken continuously in many UK cities. And yes, you’re right – when will planners learn, adding another lane just menas more space for more cars.

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  2. That’s lovely, Lynn. I wonder whether Reem’s freedom had been seriously curtailed in the past? Perhaps this is a new life with the man who rescued her from an abusive relationship.


    1. Thanks JM. Yes, in an ideal world perhaps her freedom would be somewhere bucolic. But freedom comes in many forms – to be free is the main thing for her, perhaps the other things will come later. Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. That’s a familiar response to “Why?” isn’t it, ” Because I can!” Sometimes it has a sense of menace about it but here, I think, it comes across as rather positive and joyful. Sadly, there are also melancholy echoes of Obama’s positive message “Yes, we can!” which is slowly being ground into the dirt by a vindictive bully, but I prefer to remember Reem’s voice from above Burnley.

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    1. Yes, I can’t help but feel depressed at every step Trump takes away from those Obama years – hasn’t he just torn up some legislation concerning curbs to greenhouse gasses? Typical that the president trying to kepp every one of his election promises is the one we’d prefer to break them all! Yes, in this case it’s a joyful thing, a fresh start away from every negative she’s been through. Thanks for reading Chris

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