Three Line Tales : The fire inside

three line tales week94: little red riding hood, a girl in a red parka on a beach

photo by Alex Iby via Unsplash


A strip of black, ashy sand, white breakers above – a grey sky, heavy with sea mist that rolls in and out of the shore like a living thing.

Many would be driven insane by my monochrome world, by the endless crash of the waves, the screaming dip and soar of the gulls – but not me.

Inside me burns a fire of anger so fierce it will turn the sand to glass, boil the seas until they vapourise, leaving nothing but a crust of salt behind. The world will know me.


Written for Sonya at Only 100 Words’ Three Line Tales. See here to join in and to read the other stories.

15 thoughts on “Three Line Tales : The fire inside

  1. Hey Lynn, any chance you’ve seen the Netflix program “Stranger Things?” Thought your family would like that. Bill

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    1. Well, it’s funny you should say that – yes, we’re part way through season two now and loving it. It’s made a bit of a ripple here in the UK, people chatting about it, all the kids at my son’s school watching it. There aren’t many TV programmes that unite people these days, so it’s nice to share these ‘water cooler’ moments. Have you watched it?

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      1. Ha, that’s nice. I’ve just seen through the third installment (Holly jolly) but my 10 year old binge-watched the entire series several times I think. Good parenting right? It is well done and we are enjoying it as a family…these days of ours….I love the 80s vibe they’ve achieved; like the fact they do these not-so-subtle references to things like the film Less Than Zero, or Close Encounters..ET….it’s lovely!

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      2. And it’s not just the references either, it’s the whole premise being led by young actors too – I’m thinking of films like Goonies and Stand by me. Even the font they’ve chosen for the titles reminds me of Stephen King books of that era, a writer I know influenced the programme makers. They have plumbed the 80s depths and found treasures 🙂


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